You Better Lie Down For This

You know what we’re thinking? Pretend like you care. Here’s the thought of the day. People spend way too much time standing up. I mean, really. There’s all this research going on about the hazards of sitting down for long periods of time but what about the pain in the ass of standing up all day? It’s a lot of effort. You feel me?

So that’s why we’re bringing you this S-shaped seat for your shower or steam room. It’s about time we get to relax in there. It’s bad enough we have to stand around all day at the office, we might as well get some R&R in the shower or sauna.

The S-shaped seat is the perfect fit; just lean back and relax. Extend your legs and enjoy the rest. If you’re lucky enough to have a wet babe on top of you while you’re in there then all the power to you, bud. We’re jealous, by the way.

The roomy shower is one we want to put in our house, but we would also add some other cool accessories, including a SoundBot HD water resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Amazon. Just put it up with a suction cup and you’ve got music to listen to (and sing along to) as you work up some suds.

Gotta love technology and clever design!