Why You Need This Zany Walking Dead Set For Your Lair

Evil is close by. Do not see, hear, or speak of it. Well, not if you want to get out alive.

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? So are these detailed Walking Dead zombie figures that would look rad sitting on a shelf in your man cave. Do not adjust your computer screen – cause this set of three zombies would look great sitting above your PC!

The three cleverly designed figures put a zany spin on the proverb “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” But instead of the wise monkeys, we have zombies covered in blood! That’s bloody excellent, actually.

They’re four inches tall, which is plenty big to show onlookers immediately that they reference the awesome Walking Dead television show. The shelf sitters wreak havoc on your lair as they seek more blood than already covers them. Get ready for the zombie apocalypse that we warned you was coming your way (Insert “told you so” here).

Made of resin, these statues have all the stuff we love in the TV series on AMC. You know what we mean, right? There’s the undead reference (duh), the dripping and realistic-looking blood, the chest cavity, and the gruesome facial features, all crazily put into one set. Talk about ensuring that everyone knows how much you love this TV show.

For your convenience, each of the zombies comes with some double-sided tape to attach them to a shelf in your man cave. Put the three undead figurines on your computer desk, by the bar, on your pallet bookshelf, or wherever else you want them. Just remember that they might get hungry and want to feed off anyone close by, so it’s best not to neglect them. What, you think we kid? Maybe, maybe not…

In the meantime, we’re going to see, hear, and speak of this set of three zombies because, well, we like the look of them.