Why a Gold Man Cave is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Pimp up your basement, attic or another space to make it all your own, with the kind of design you want. What’s that? You want gold. You don’t say? Yup, gold is freakin’ awesome. It’s the best thing since sliced bread and is associated with luxury more than another other color, even when it doesn’t cost your right arm to buy it! Read on for ideas for your gold man cave, including some DIY tips.

Shine Bright Like A Gold Ottoman

ottoman in gold

Rihanna sings about shining bright like a diamond, but this manly room is all about shiny gold, baby! Get this gold cube ottoman in vinyl that we would describe as contemporary cool in style. Shhh, it looks more expensive than it actually is!

The tufted sides give a polished look, and it’s totally functional when you put it in front of your white leather sofa. Espresso brown is another great sofa shade for this room. 

Rest your feet on the ottoman as you lean back into the sofa cushions with a cold adult beverage. Lay a gold Oushak rug made of wool yarn in front of the seating to complete the glam look.

This Is So NOT The Bottom Of The Barrel

table shaped like gold barrel

Never settle for less than you are worth. You’ve likely heard that phrase. Little did you know it would apply to what you choose for your gold man cave!

The gold barrel table pictured here will intrigue your buddies when they notice the arrow design on its sides. It has a metallic gold finish and glass top. It’s not the bottom of the barrel, by any means.

​The cleverly designed table fits easily into even a small space, such as beside your sofa or close to the gaming area. To clean, simply dust it with a soft cloth. Do not use chemicals on it as doing so may tarnish its finish. The exception is a single spray of glass cleaner on its top and use of a lint-free cloth to wipe it dry.

Get The Golden Apple

apple laptop gold case

The golden apple of fairytales need not be poisonous. Now you can bling out your Apple laptop with a metallic gold hard shell case and keyboard cover.

Get the best value with this 4-in-1 kit that includes the shell, keys cover, screen protector, and dust plug. It fits a Macbook Pro 13″ A12378 model. The hard cover is slim and has a sleek, polished look that fits in well with your lair.

Don’t worry if you’re an Android user instead. Get the 2.4G slim mini wireless keyboard and optical mouse, with built-in Nano receiver, in champagne gold. If you’re a Windows 7/8 or Vista XP enthusiast, then you will enjoy this alternative.​

Awaken Your DIY Spirit

DIY stool gold

Hello there, gold metallic spray paint! Spray anything your manly heart desires in the gold shade, from the inside of pendant lamps to the legs of stools. Transform older furniture you already have around the house or get some on the cheap at a second-hand shop.

For hardware like door knobs and handles, sand them one at a time with a sanding block and then clean them to remove residue (we use denatured alcohol with an old cloth). Shake the paint and then follow the can’s directions to apply it.

For the best color, check the label on the back of the can, rather than the color of the cap, so that you won’t wind up with yellow rather than gold. Coat lightly, 10-12″ away from the hardware, for the best effects and use multiple coats.

The Golden Rule… On The Walls

Wallpaper in gold

Wallpaper is back, in a fierce way, as a design trend. Incorporate it into your crib with wallpaper that is as golden in color as it is cool. It has the glitz and glam you want, whether it’s for a feature wall or several walls in your pad.

To emphasize the wallpaper even more, frame artwork with white mattes or frames on the walls. The white pops against the gold backdrop, creating a wow factor that rivals 007 on a good day (Roger Moore is our preference, just to make that clear). Also, hang your TV and speakers from the feature wall to emphasize the gold color even more.

Accessories To Finish The Cave

bell to ring for beer

Bring the whole gold man cave together with accessories that are oh so pimp worthy! Clever additions for your lair include a wall mount bottle opener in gold that says “Texas” on it and has a distressed finish.

Add gray throw cushions to the couch to offset the gold ottoman, and put your much-needed beer bell front and center. The bells gets right to the point with its words to “Ring for Beer.” 

Ah, yes, that sounds about right! Maybe your buddies will answer this ring if they know they can get a cold beer too.

Your gold man cave is bold, bright, and awesome! Enjoy your golden computer, bold wallpaper, tufted ottoman, and arrow design table. Once you have finished getting all of the items into your crib, break out the 5 Vegas Gold Torpedo cigars and enjoy a golden moment of silence (or two). You deserve it!