Who Else Wants a Game of Thrones Man Cave Like This One?

Welcome to the world of Westeros, right in your home. Transform your man cave into a Game of Thrones space that kicks some serious medieval fantasy ass!

Mother Of Dragons – In Your Living Room

Map for Game of Thrones Man Cave

Warning: Only for hard-core fans!
Imagine you could take it up a notch and get an real-life signature of Emilia Clarke? Or Kit Harington? That would certainly make a fan happy!

Travel The Extra Mile

Map for Game of Thrones Man Cave

This Game of Thrones map artwork is an amazing find. It shows the compelling world in all of its glory and comes already matted for you. 

The golden frame conjures up images of the gold currency in the dramatic world.

The artwork comes with a hanging cleat for easily putting it up on the wall. Note the amazing details of the map; this item sets the tone for the entire room.

Travel onward with your amazing voyage of design by continuing with this kickass post…

DIY Throne Chair… Yes!

DIY Throne Chair

Turn a cheap seat into the ultimate GOT chair. Start with a plastic Adirondack chair; it’s a good choice as it already has the armrests and the low-slung seat looks familiar to the throne chair.

Next, build the details of the throne using inexpensive sticks. Attach them underneath the arms of the chair in the shapes of X’s to close in the sides. Put more sticks behind the chair’s back, vertically rising from the back, following the chair’s slats.

Next, create swords pointing down into the back of the chair, using pink insulation. Follow the remaining steps in this nifty guide. Your throne awaits you!

Cheers, Somebody Died (Again)

Game of Throne Man Cave Mugs

Gather your buddies for the ultimate viewing party in your Game of Thrones man cave, where you stream the show on your favorite box. Every time somebody in the series dies, say “cheers” with beer steins fashioned after the show. Depending on the episode, you could be mighty tipsy by the end of the night. Copper mugs would fit in perfectly in Westeros; all you need to add is the cold ale. 

Another option is silver goblets. Or, if you would prefer a cup of joe instead (hangover remedy?), you could reach for spiky mugs like the one shown in the photo above. The mugs look like they belong on the Iron Islands.

Wall Sconce of Dragon is Mythical

Dragons Tribute To Drogon, Rhaegal, And Viserion

There’s a dragon in the house! It’s a tribute to the three dragons of Game of Thrones: Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. 

This dark and brooding castle dragon iron wall sconce is made of solid cast iron. It holds two pillar candles, which is perfect as the more candles the better, at least in this lair.

These beasts of war look magnificent on the wall. Watch out though for dragon eggs hatching.

A Crib With A View

Meme of Game of Thrones in Man Cave

You must evote an area to watching (and rewatching) the GOT episodes in your crib. Get this 32-inch Samsung LED TV for a screen that you and your buds can gather around without having to squint to see all the magnificent creatures (like those sexy females). It’s got 720p, is the latest model, and it’s pretty tough to beat the price. Enjoy built-in Wi-Fi and smart functionality (your buds may or may not have that latter feature).

For seating, look for a sofa with Gothic details in a deep red color reminiscent of spilled blood or wine. Add throw cushions with House Stark or House Lancaster on them to show your passion for the HBO show and the books. At the side of the sofa, bundle up fleece blankets to make them look like stored furs that a Stark would use when traveling overnight while away from Winterfell.

The Octopus Goes Home

Unique Sculpture Octopus Man Cave

The octopus is synonymous with House Greyjoy. Its eight legs wrap magnificently around your den perfectly with this metal octopus sculpture. The sea creatures sits on a shelf in all its glory. Bring the Iron Islands a little bit closer to you.

Other ways to incorporate the sea creature into your Game of Thrones man cave are by hanging a watercolor print of one on the wall. Alternatively, feature it on pillow covers or as the base of a coffee table.

Want some additional medieval style ideas? Try putting up electric sconce lighting. Also, hang wallpaper with wolf patterns all over it on a feature wall. Install driftwood shelves too and set stones on the shelving for a rustic tribute to the King of the North. Want more shelving inspiration? Check out our tropical design post. 

At the opposite spectrum of tropical though is the cold weather. Winter is coming, and you will be ready for the Long Night in your amazing den.