What To Look For When Buying A Foosball Table

There are basically just two main types of foosball tables on the market for you to chose from. They are:

1. Stand Alone Foosball Table

foosball table

The stand-alone table is larger and expensive compared to tabletop foosball table and remains the most common type of table used in big leagues and schools. This is because they offer great stability. Everything on the table is attached.

These tables are made from solid wood making them quite heavy to move around. The good thing about this product is that they are durable simply because they have been designed with high-quality materials.

The only limitation this table has to offer is size and cost. Take a look at the Warrior Foosball table, which scored best in our Foosball table review and offers a good set of features, along with a decent price tag.

2. Table Top Foosball Table

Table top foosball table is quite affordable, lighter and requires less space compared to Stand alone table.

This type of table best suits those who are short on space or simply want to transport their table to many other areas often. Moreover, it gives people the advantage of using lesser space and lighter to be moved.

The biggest advantage is that this table is less expensive compared to the standalone table. This is because this table is made from less expensive materials such as plastic.

This table is ideal for kids since it can be placed on lower tables such as the coffee tables where they can play the game more comfortably.

A good tabletop foosball should feature non-scratching and non-slipping pads that will not only protect the surface it it is placed on, but also offer a solid grip for intense gameplay.

3. Multi Game Foosball Table

This is another foosball table that is ideal for kids back at home. The best thing about this table is that it can be used by the whole family to play and have a good time together. They are the best – especially if there are more than two family members.

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What To Look For In A Foosball Table

As you probably know, these tables do range dramatically in price. You may get a foosball costing you under $100 whereas there are tables that will cost you more than $1000.

The moment a buyer has identified the amount of money they are willing to spend, it is time to consider other options available to them by finding the most suitable foosball table within their budget.This means that a buyer must consider sizeplaying skill and even the design of the table itself.

Table Size

A standard full-sized foosball table is 30 inches in width and 56 inches in length. Factoring in the space for the playing rods that protrude from each side of the table, as well as the space each person requires when playing at the table, it is suggested that a foosball table requires approximately 7 feet by 8 feet of playing space.

For those people looking forward to purchase an affordable foosball table for young children to play with, consider buying a smaller tabletop version that requires less space. To those players who are interested in improving their playing skills and maybe play the game more competitively, going for a foosball table that is full-sided is the best decision.

Skill Level

Did you know that the type of foosball table a buyer gets reflects on the skill they have? Moreover, the goals of those skilled players are quite often. Well, as these tables vary in size, price and quality, so is the skills of those using this game.


Beginners are usually young adults or even kids. However, this does not necessarily mean that you will not find an adult who has never played this game. Tabletop versions are a great idea for small kids because of the size.

Moreover, the height of this game is quite long making it very difficult for kids to play easily. Even though there are tables that come with an adjustable height. For this reason, many buyers today are buying these small tables before they advance further.


Intermediate players do want a table with smooth moving rods, a flat playing surface and a structure that is durable about. These tables offer a bit more steady legs from a very strong material. Note that these tables are mid ranged in price and they are ideal for those who are looking to improve on their skills.


A table for professional foosball players needs to be full in size having compiled with all gaming regulations. It should be very steady with long solid legs and a strong cabinet. Because of this and much more, skilled players, need a table that can withstand and handle forceful types of play. Therefore, it needs to be solid and not to shake.

Table Material

The less expensive a foosball table is, the more particle boards has been used in their construction. With time and continuous use, these particle boards will start weakening and ultimately end up falling out.

However, when it comes to wooden playing surfaces, the truth of the matter is that the table will have a much longer period of time before it becomes weaker.

To know if the table is of great condition, you can start by looking at the material used. Check if the materials are less than a half-inch in thickness and if the table weighs less than 70 pounds. Although these tables offer a more affordable price, when compared to top-quality foosball tables they offer very little durability or quality play.

The more expensive top-quality foosball tables are made from solid wood or composite construction. Low-quality wood can warp over time, just as with a particle board, so it important to choose either a very strong wood, such as oak, or purchase a table that is constructed with composite material.

The composite or solid wood needs to be a minimum of one inch in thickness for it to offer the durability needed for a quality table that sees intermediate use.

Steel Rods

Anyone willing to get a top quality foosball table suitable for those serious players, having a steel rod that is hollow is the best choice. Hollow rods are a lot lighter to move it around than solid ones. This gives players speed on movement while playing. For this reason, it does not cause tiredness like using solid iron while playing.

Adjustable Table Rods

Some tables come with table legs of 36 inches.

This height is suitable for older teens or adults. If younger players wish to play and learn the skills of the game, they will require the table to be set at a lower height.

Therefore, if you are considering to buy a foosball table that will be played by more than one person, it is very important to go for a table that offers adjustable legs.

The best thing about these legs is that they can adjust to a few inches as per your desire and hence making the table more flexible for the whole family to play the game more comfortably. In addition, the adjustable table legs feature its high quality table levellers under the base of its legs. This means that the table can be levelled even when being used on an uneven floor.

This concludes our Foosball table feature roundup. Don’t forget to take a look at our review for more Foosball table tips and product recommendations.