Welcome to Our Car Parts Furniture Obsession

If you’re into cars, and we’re betting a lot of you are, then you’ll dig this chair as much as we do. It looks to be part of a growing trend in furniture made from car parts.

We’ve seen car parts used on bikes before, and gears are a hit in the steampunk design style. Now it’s time to bring your wheels into the home – literally!

Check out the sweet rims on the wheels of this auto-inspired chair. They have a 5-spindle design like the sexy Torq Thrust M AR605 chrome wheel rims from American Racing. The design is timeless, and those rims shine up like nobody’s business. Sporty look, anyone?

The solid black seat has a round shape that accentuates the rubber bad boys resting under its armrests; those are real wheels custom built right into the chair. Yup, we call this powerhouse furniture.

We’re not sure if this is real leather on the chair or not, but it sure has a sleek look just like leather and probably feels soft too.

While you likely already know we are obsessed with cars, now you realize we’re getting obsessed with car parts furniture too. Here are some other ideas for incorporating car parts furniture into your man cave. Read on with caution as you may become infatuated with the home design trend too!

Let’s see… You could add the plastic front upper grill of a Ford Mustang to the front of your bar. It’s also a cool way to tell your guests that drinking and driving is for douches. We’ve also seen a V12 engine transformed into a wine rack. Oh, and there are industrial pendant lights made out of bent license plates!

Now that you’re cursing us for giving you 101 car furniture DIY projects, we’re going to head for a sit down on this wheels chair. Might as well get in a few good hours of gaming time before the ol’ lady gets home.