Valentine’s gift ideas for your teenage girlfriend

Valentine’s gift for her under $100

Meet her at the door for your date and give her this sweet Princess Heart Pillow in bright pink with embroidery of a tiara on the front. She’ll love that you worship the ground she walks on. She will want to cuddle up with you as much as she does to this plush pillow, if not more.

Another option, for only about $25, is this personalized name cosmetic bag. Order it custom with her name on the front and pick the colors for the bag and thread.

She will adore that it’s one-of-a-kind and handmade just for her! Plus, now she’ll have a place to store all that makeup she’s always talking about (why does she need that many eyeliners, anyway?) ​

Are you worried because you don’t have a lot of money to spend on her? Or, maybe she has asked that you exchange DIY presents. Don’t panic! Instead, here are some inexpensive homemade presents that a teen gal will adore:

  • Go retro by burning a CD of songs important to your relationship, such as the first song you danced to. Title the front of the CD with both your names as an extra step to personalize it.
  • Bake her cookies! Choose her favorite kind and make them into the shapes of hearts for Valentine’s Day. 
  • Create a photo album. Use a cheap photo service like Walgreens to print out photos of the two of you over the months or years you’ve been together and put them into a photo album. Your sweetheart will adore the thoughtful gift for the love-filled day!

Valentine’s gift for her under $500

You’ve scrimped and saved for February 14th and the big day is coming up soon. Treat the special girl in your life to the I Love You Giant Teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day. The plush bear will make a HUGE impression on your sweetie with its size and quality.

The cute bear stands 5 feet tall and is super soft. Holding a red heart that says “I Love You,” this stuffie will melt her every time she looks at it in her bedroom.

Or, maybe you desperately want to get her red roses, the classic symbol of love, but are looking for a way to take it to the next level. If so, order enough stems of this pretty flower from your local florist to truly get her attention.

Make it a significant number, such as the number of days you’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend or the number of dates you have gone on. Once you go over the 100 stems level you’re vowing for the position of Prince Charming.

Follow these tips to make sure you get the flower bouquet you want:

  1. Order Early. Most florists stop taking orders several days before Valentine’s Day. So place your order a few weeks beforehand.
  2. Write your inscription ahead of time. The chances are that the florist will ask what you want to be written on the card when you place the order. So think ahead of time of something meaningful and romantic to tell her.
  3. Be specific about order time. Make sure you tell the floral shop if you need the order delivered by a certain time on February 14th. Otherwise, the deliveries will likely be made according to the geographical region and might not get to your sweetie’s house until the evening.

Valentine’s gift for her under $1000

Plan out the ultimate evening for your girlfriend whose love is too priceless to put a dollar value on today or any day of the year. Tell her to wear a fancy outfit and be ready by a certain time for you to pick her up. She won’t complain!

Rather than picking a random restaurant at the last minute, make a reservation weeks ahead for the classiest place to dine in town. Find the best place to eat in your city by using Yelp or Zomato.

And then, just when she thinks that dessert sushi marks the end of the night, sweep her off her feet by taking her to the opera that you snagged tickets for months in advance. If it is the first time at the opera for both of you, pick something short and relatively familiar, such as La Boheme (it’s basically Rent) or Carmen (some of the songs, like the Overture, probably came as ringtones on your smartphone). For your outfit, you don’t need to wear a tux, but a suit or button-up jacket is recommended for the formal setting.