Valentine’s day gift ideas for your girlfriend in her twenties

Gift ideas under $100

You can go the romantic route or touch the horny side (literally) with your Valentine’s Day gift for your lovely companion. For a sexy woman like her, she deserves a sensual massage. Don’t feel intimidated as a few simple tips can send your hands and her body into an orgasmalicious experience:

  1. Use more than just your hands to massage her with the oil. Use your chest, stomach, and arms as well on her body (be sure to cover your torso with the lubricant first)
  2. Add your mouth and tongue to the mix. Kissing and the sensation of warm breath on her body can take her from a 6 to a 9 in no time
  3. Add a blindfold to take away her sense of sight and enhance her other senses in the process
  4. While the G-spot and nipples are obvious places to tune into, you can also around your girl by kissing, rubbing, and licking her neck, fingers, wrist, and other often neglected areas. 

Give your partner a memorable massage experience, with sex taking the second spot on February 14th to stimulating her G-spot. You are likely to enjoy her way of thanking you for the romantic and naughty present, so it’s not like you’re losing out in any way here.

Gift ideas under $500

Your girlfriend deserves to let loose and have some fun on Valentine’s Day! She has been working so hard and treats you well, so it’s time to offer her a gift of… alcoholic pleasure! Get her the Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Mixer to create refreshing party-style drinks whenever she wants them. From daiquiris to margaritas and pina coladas, she has the bar at her fingertips now. 

This fun present goes well with a side of those cutesy little umbrellas she loves so much, so tuck a package of those in with the present. This top-rated blender includes a blending jar (36oz) and ice-shaving compartment. Bring on the yum!

But if she’s not into booze, steer clear of it on Valentine’s Day and instead get her something that appeals to the gadget lover that she is. Yup, we’re talking about the Apple Watch. If she has an iPhone, then this time piece is the best choice, available in 38mm or 42mm sizes. It looks chic on a gal’s wrist, and there are luxury leather bands available for it that take the style up a notch.

Gift ideas under $1000

It is the most romantic day of the year, and your girlfriend seems to have everything under the sun (and in every color). Rather than bestowing her with something material, which will just collect dust on the bedroom dresser, you can give her an experience gift instead!

Choose an adventure related to her interests, such as hang gliding for the adventurous woman or a set of French cooking classes for the wanna-be Julia Child. Get a gift certificate that covers the costs of the event, including the plane fare if it is in another city, state, or country than where she lives. My, my, look at you, stepping up to the plate on Valentine’s Day to become the King o’ Boyfriends. 

Now the last thing to decide is how to wrap the gift certificate. Personalize the package that you slip the gift card into… Start by thinking about her interests. If she loves Chinese food, put the card into a Chinese takeout container and add in some small snacks or fortune cookies with it. Or fill a mason jar with M&Ms if she is a candy lover, hide the gift card in the center of the jar, and she won’t see the real present until she’s halfway through the decoy snack.