Lego Hacks You Never Knew Existed

Sometimes you feel creative. Other times you feel like being a kid again. And there are times when you’re annoyed by what your man cave is missing. Make the most of all three moments with these unbelievable lego life hacks that you’ve never seen before. Duplicate them in your pad or just enjoy the unbelievable creations shown here.

1. No Man Is An Island, But Lego Is!

Kitchen Island with Lego

So you want extra kitchen counter space? How about building an island? You think about granite but, blah, so ordinary. Go bright lego style instead. Cover a wooden block with 20,000 multi-colored lego pieces and you should be all set. At least that’s what Simon Pillard and Philippe Rossetti did in their kitchen.

2. Chess, Anyone?

Chess Set Made Out Of Lego
Sometimes we just want to remind others how smart we are. It’s in those moments we wish we had a chess set. Make your set completely out of lego in just a few steps!

Start by building the base. Lay flat pieces down on an even surface to form a square, and then connect them together with normally shaped lego blocks, and cover with 64 squares made of red and blue ones. Alternate colors as you connect them to the base and then follow the rest of the directions here.

3. Keys Please

Lego and Star Wars Key Holder

Lost your keys again? Nope that won’t happen anymore when you make this kickass key holder! Combine your love of Star Wars with your building block fascination. No one said you have to act your age (or they did, and the Stormtrooper told them to screw off).

4. Enjoy the (Musical) Climax

DIY Headphones of Lego

Keep the sound from escaping in your headphones by adding an extra layer of insulation with… lego! Then you can totally enjoy the musical climax in “Stairway to Heaven,” sans the girlfriend bitching about it being too loud again.

Get the how-to guide here.

5. Wall I’ll Be Damned

Use Lego As A Wall
Why not?! This New York loft has unique touches, from its wall drawings to the stair railing made of close to 20,000 lego blocks. The last unique touch I did, well, it got me a slap across the face.

6. Cuff Me, But No Jail Time

Cufflinks Of Lego
It’s much better than being cuffed and doing jail time. It’s cufflinks, totally made out of lego. Yup, we’re stylish AND totally obsessed with these fun bricks. A style icon in the making? You just might be. Maybe these groovy ideas would have added to the love vibe you felt back in the ’70s.

7. Lego My Keyboard

Lego Keyboard Decal

Do these projects seem like too much work? Want to *cheat* a little? Shhh, we’ll help you. Get a Amazon to put over top of your MacBook keyboard. It gives the lego look without the time commitment or energy; the stickers go on in minutes. We’re not lazy, we’re just in energy-saver mode.

8. Go Lazy & Lego Your Cards

Lego Card Holder
Holding your cards while you play is so last year. Instead, build a lego card holder, so your hands are free to wander over to that can of beer on the table.

9. Not Orgy, We Meant Organized

Lego Holder for Cables

Get your mind out of the gutter for a second. Want to stay organized with your cords for your laptop, smartphone, etc., etc.? Us too. So we use lego mini figures. Problem solved.

10. It’s a Wrap

Gift Wrapping Paper Made Of Lego
Have a present to wrap at the last minute and no wrapping paper in sight? Create your own, out of construction paper, paint, and legos. It’s stamping fun. If you weren’t so selfish, we’d suggest you do this project with your kids.

11. iKnew It

iPhone Dock for Lego
iGet it. iKnow. Make an iPhone dock out of lego! Looks basic, easy to make, and right up our alley. Now if only someone would text us.

12. Is It Friday Yet?

Calendar Out Of Lego

You’ll know what day it is with this Amazon. Rebuild the calendar every month! The set comes with bricks pre-labeled for you with the numbers 1-31, 12 months, and 7 days. It’s your calendar for the whole year! It even comes with two figurines. Get your geek on.

Oh lego, how you’ve been our friend for so many years, never deserting us, even when we get piss drunk and go through the doggie door (will relay the full story another time). Lesson learned: Lego is good, and friends won’t stand for us getting shitfaced anymore. Use your legos to make a handy iPhone dock, kitchen island, cord organizer or calendar. The possibilities will make you giddy. Just keep the noise down ’cause we’re still hungover.