Because Using Multiple Chargers Sucks

It’s not enough that your iPhone, tablet, and other USB devices are constantly having the power sucked out of them. Then you need to find the chargers for each of them and enough outlets around the man cave to put the juice back in your gadgets again. Sigh, and you have a job to go to on top of it all. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

But it seems that life is going a bit light on the bitch mode today because we have the Truffol Station 5 USB Charger that has five USB ports to it. Finally! Now we can plug multiple devices into a single desktop charger to power them back up.

It’s not a bad lookin’ charging station either. Truffol 5 is the world’s first five-port charger handmade out of wood, and it’s a class act. We’re loving how the cherry wood finish with brushed aluminum casing looks on our desk. Its rubber bottom helps keep the family-style charger from slipping or scuffing the desk. And the aluminum is fingerprint resistant to so it always looks good.

Now let’s talk about the specs on this bad boy. It’s got a 12V 3A 36W power adapter, three Universal 1A ports, and two Quick Charge 2.4A ports. You can simultaneously charge your USB devices before you head outdoors for a workout or while you’re gaming in the den. You won’t worry about losing your charger either (let that fact sink in for a moment).

The design is intuitive and top quality. Not that we’d expect anything less now that we know the Truffol 5 is made in collaboration with ORICO, which is Amazon’s top charging brand. It’s passed the safety rounds too with FCC and CE certifications. The materials are industry grade, and the built-in surge protector helps to protect your valuable devices. You’ll also get an easy access smart charger with full plastic insulation.

Here’s a review of what you can expect from the Truffol Station 5:

The 100-400 volt input on the Truffol Station 5 USB Charger means you can even use it when you go overseas for business or pleasure. You’ll never be out of touch on your phone or tablet again, no matter where you are in the world. It works with a lot of the new smartphones on the market and even comes with a one-year warranty.

OK so now that we have this awesome charger, the only other thing we need to explain that we weren’t crying earlier. We were watering our beards if you must know.