Because A Man’s Got To Look Good On The Go

Sure, we know all about travelling for work. It’s not easy to look good on the go, especially when you’re a guy who has to wear shirts to meetings that have been balled up into a suitcase for hours. You get what we’re talking about. We’ve all been there. It’s not like you can just pull out an iron from your suitcase to get rid of the creases. Or, wait, maybe now you can, thanks to the Collar Perfect Travel Iron.

It’s a mini iron that has all the features you need to press your button ups while you’re on the go. This iron’s compact design makes it easy to fit in your bag; simply pull it out when you want to do quick touch ups or flip out its wings for traditional ironing.

You’ve got to check out how easily it fits just by clamping it around the parts of your shirt that are most prone to wrinkles and hardest to reach. Yup, we’re talking about the collars, cuffs, and between the buttons. It’s super cool that this is another Kickstarter success story, like The Dash headphones we recently featured at our man cave site.

You won’t need a ton of space to press your shirts like you do with a traditional iron either. The Collar Perfect Travel Iron makes it easy to smooth away wrinkles while you’re in the airport bathroom, at a Starbucks table, or anywhere else you happen to be as you go about your travels.

The portable iron is simple to use too. There are six heat settings, so you can adjust the iron to use on pretty much any type of fabric. The rotating power cord makes it easy to glide along the fabric without getting twisted. The iron is compatible with both 110V or 220V power outlets, so it works in most of the places you’ll go.

Look great for your next business meeting out of town or other trip destination when you use the Collar Perfect Travel Iron. Marvel’s Iron Man has nothing on you when it comes to first impressions. You’ll be one hell of a handsome super hero when you pack this iron in your travel bag.