Transform Your Man Cave Into A Rocking Karaoke Bar

Now you can be a rock star, for three to five minutes at a time.

After its appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank”, this blisteringly hot device finally made its way in to the stores.

Sing your heart out without worrying about getting kicked out for having one too many adult beverages. Make yourself at home behind the mic because, well, you are at home. Transform your man cave into the ultimate karaoke bar any time you want with the Singtrik Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System.

This karaoke system blows competitors out of the water with professional live vocal effects that haven’t ever been available to the public. Get instant access to over 300 pro vocal and instrument effects, including doubling, reverb, and wah-wah. Channel Blake Shelton’s country twang, become a rebellious rocker like Mick Jagger or sound like your guilty pleasure pop idols.

That means if you don’t exactly have the vocal chops of Bruno Mars or Stevie Wonder, you can still sound amazing. And if you already sing well, you’ll take the world man cave by storm by upping your singing game even more! Enjoy natural pitch correction and hard tune features, with three enhancement levels from newbie to pro.

Check out the Singtrix home karaoke system in action:

Wanting your own chorus of backup singers? As you wish, master. Just press a button and generate 5-part harmonies using your single voice.

With the Singtrik karaoke bundle, you’re getting a complete hi-fi home theatre system for your den. The vocal-tastic package includes a 40 watt 2.1 speaker system with built-in subwoofer (20Hz to 100Hz). Also included is a Singtrik studio controller, with music input, two speaker outputs, two mic inputs, and USB connector, as well as a custom Singtrik microphone.

The “hit” button on the side of the mic powers the awesome backup singer feature we were telling you about earlier, in real time. The bundle is a great addition to your audio gear collection. If you are more of a home studio kind of guy, one of the best midi controllers from out midi keyboard reviews might be your jam.

Oh, and did we mention the system is portable? Yup, now you can take your singing act to your buddy’s lair, the office party, or anywhere else you’re feeling would benefit from some rock and roll. It’s lightweight and easily connects to your phone, tablet, or portable music player’s headphone jack.

Now let’s have a few beers and get our karaoke on! Must… go… sing.