Tossing Pizza Dough? Try Tossing This Pizza Disc Too

As any pizza lover knows, there’s nothing quite like taking the first bite of a slice containing ooey gooey cheese with loads of your favorite toppings. Whether you buy a slice from the corner pizza joint, grab it frozen from the grocery store to heat up at home, or make the pizza dough from scratch, you’ve got an amazing lunch or dinner to feast on in the man cave.

And, when you leave your crib, you can still enjoy the Italian dish by playing with the Discraft’s Supercolor Pizza Ultra Star Disc that looks just like a pizza pie! This frisbee looks almost as good as the pepperoni and mushroom slice you had last week.

The frisbee is a hit with anyone who likes things that are out of the (pizza) box. The Discraft pizza disc is fun to toss around the field with your buddies or your dog because people think it’s a real pizza! What a great gag. Yes, it’s that realistic looking.

Of course, you’re also getting some exercise and burning off calories to eat more slices in the near future. The 175-gram disc is the official disc of USA Ultimate and the typical size you’d use for a game of Ultimate Frisbee.

It is water resistant, which is handy if you want to play on a beach or even in the water. The soft and comfortable feel will help keep gameplay going strong.

Pizza dough isn’t the only thing you can toss well! The disc has a contoured grip that is easy on the hand as you throw it, and it’s part of the Ultra Star line that is made to throw longer than any other Ultimate Frisbee disc. As for the design, it’s totally one of a kind.

The disc looks yummy but tastes like plastic. Well, it’s not like we haven’t had food that was tasteless before. We’re kidding, of course. Do not attempt to eat the Pizza Ultra Star Disc. Instead, play with your fake food and have a blast. Warning: You might need to go out for a bite after playing with the frisbee because you’ll get hungry!