Top 5 Portable Bluetooth Speakers You Can Actually Afford

You don’t have to be upset at the prospect of missing out on badass portable Bluetooth speakers just because you don’t have a zillion dollars. Yup, there are affordable options out there. You just have to know where to look (hint, hint).

We did the digging for you and found these wireless Bluetooth speakers that work with almost all types of smartphones (Android, Apple or Windows). Whether you want rugged or slick style, there’s got to be one here in our Top 5 portable Bluetooth ​speakers list to suit your man cave.

1. Blast The Good Tunes

Play your music and play it loud. It’ll come in crystal clear with the Nixon Blaster. This sweet box delivers crystal clear beats almost anywhere so pack it with you when you go to the shop, back patio at home or into the deepest parts of your lair.

The Blaster is built tough enough for any environment (like you), without any annoying chicks wires to get in the way. 

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 hours too. Check out the cool camouflage pattern on the rubber shell – as you though you don’t already have enough reason to want this one! Price: $150

2. So You Want To Jam

Top Bluetooth Speaker MINI JAMBOX

The MINI JAMBOX has a great reputation and for a valid reason. It delivers the crisp sound you want in a portable micro wireless Bluetooth speaker. It’s the cool little brother to the original JAMBOX, and, unlike your own brother, it can shut off whenever you want it to.

Lightweight and small, the one shown here has funky fish scales on its shell. The other colors have different patterns, from green dot to blue diamond. 

There’s nothing fishy about the built-in speaker that lets you take calls on it from from your buds while you’re on the go. Just put it into your shirt pocket or sports bag when you head out the front door.

There’s a groovy Multi Play feature too so you and a bro can connect your two MINI JAMBOX speakers to double the sound or team up to DJ some sick beats. Price: $129.00 $87.12 (32% off)

JBL Clip

3. No Money Clip Needed

You can wear your music now too. Just clip on this JBL Clip to your belt, backpack or a hook inside your music-infested man cave. This suave tech is a must have on our list of top portable Bluetooth speakers.

Stream music via Bluetooth technology from your smartphone or tablet, and easily take calls wirelessly too. This bad boy is really goooooood. 

The rechargeable battery lasts for 5 hours of Snoop Dogg tracks or whichever musician you like (we accept all possibilities except Celine Dion).

Stream music, call the guys over to the crib and use the wireless speaker for those times when you don’t feel like holding anything in your hand but a cold one. Price: $35.59 (save 41%)

4. Brace The Musical Elements

Braven BRV-1

And then there was the Braven BRV-1 waterproof Bluetooth speaker. She’s mighty fine. Now for the highlights: shock absorbent, super light, and small enough to easily go with you on your indoor putting green.

The speaker rocks the rugged design world, and its blue trim gives it a sporty edge.​ In addition to the gray-and-cyan model shown above, it also comes in a black-and-orange color scheme. For such a little speaker, it delivers on big sound, whether you use it on your phone, tablet or laptop. Price: $131.61 $99.99 (24% off)

5. Shock This

Top Portable Bluetooth Speaker Philips

Ever drop your electronics and they never quite work the same way again? We get that. So, we suggest the Philips SB7220 Shoqbox speaker. Drop it or splash it; whatever comes its way (almost, you can’t go all Chuck Norris on it), this Bluetooth speaker will come out just fine on the other side.

Handsomely rugged in design, it plays your tunes wirelessly and confidently within your manly pad. Did we mention it’s got a swipe sensor so you can easily skip songs? That’s convenience to parallel the microwave oven. Battery life is about 8 hours and the lithium battery ever-so-nicely comes built in. Price: From $59.50 (4 models of different colors available)

5 Tips for Choosing Portable Bluetooth Speakers

  1. Define your budget and stay within it. You can absolutely find a quality one under $200.
  2. Determine the ideal sound-quality-to-size ratio. Ideally, you want clear sound in the most portable form.
  3. You reduce the risk of getting a crappy speaker when you go with a recognized brand.
  4. Do you want a design that is modern and clean or rough and tough? Go with your favorite look.
  5. Where will you take it with you? If the speaker is going a lot of places with you and you don’t have much room for it, you’ll likely opt for a smaller version.

Okay so now that we’ve blown away your argument that you can’t afford any Bluetooth speakers… Your next task is to choose which one will best fit within your den. There’s the MINI JAMBOX with the Mini Play feature to get double the sound, the camo-pattern Nixon Blaster with a 15-hour battery, the waterproof Braven BRV-1, and more. Well, we never said it would be an easy decision!

The good news is that you can’t go wrong as they’re all awesome. Heck, that’s why they’re in our Top 5. No, we won’t steer you wrong.

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