Time It Right In The Man Cave

Timing is important, whether it’s the moment you choose to plant a wet one on her lips or knowing when to turn on the TV for the kickoff of a long-awaiting football game. Whatever is on the schedule, it’s important to you, and that’s a big reason why you need the Chihai Jumbo Digital LED Wall Clock to stay on track.

It’s not only big enough to see without those glasses your girlfriend says you need, but it’s also sleek and modern (two words it wouldn’t hurt to hear her use to describe you). Impress your buds with the 5.9″ inches of digital time goodness mounted on your den wall.

Personalize the clock by choosing from 8 levels of brightness; choose high brightness or a lower option, according to your needs. Control the illuminating beauty from up to 30 meters away. And it’s all in the name of the eco-friendly man cave as LEDs are way more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. So your power bill isn’t likely to go through the roof just yet.

There are 3 designs available for the jumbo LED clock. There’s the sophisticated white shell with white digital, the snazzy black shell with white digital, or choose the eye-popping black shell. Any of these clocks can show a calendar and current temperature by switching the layout.

Enjoy a few surprise features too. You can countdown from 99 days, 99 hours, and 99 minutes. That’s to go with the “99 bottles of beer on the wall” song that never seems to go away, we assume (wink wink). There’s a countup feature too, and you can mute the sound if it bugs you. Oh and you can set up to 16 snoozes for your alarm, which each range from 1-59 minutes. But, hell, you’ll be late for work if you use them all!

The clock is perfect for your lair but you can also put it in the kitchen or another living space in the house. We bet it would be a hit in classrooms with the kids too (it might have helped keep us in line, back in the day). It’s not waterproof, so stick to indoor use only.

You can use either the 12 or 24 hour mode, depending on your preference. It’s powered by AC adapter and button cell too so there’s no need to reset the time if the power goes out. Mind you, if it’s an outage due to an apocalypse, then you’ve got bigger problems on your hands!