This Steampunk Keyboard Will Change Everything

There’s not much more you need in life than this steampunk keyboard. It’s a meeting at the intersection of technology and science fiction. It combines the hipness of fantasy with rugged industrial machinery. That’s what makes this tech accessory just so badass.

Ahem, here you go.

You’re welcome (give us a minute to take a bow).

It’s a hipster’s dream, really. Plug in the steampunk keyboard to your computer and off you go to a world that makes even Keyboard Cat jealous (we are currently refraining from going to YouTube to watch that dang feline again).

The keyboard has retro style and impeccable craftsmanship. It’s enough to make a grown man cry… almost. It has a genuine leather surface and wooden base. Yup, way cooler than a regular plastic and silicone keyboard.

Note: it has all of the keys of a traditional keyboard so, not to worry you, will still be able to run those expert porn searches when you get home after work. It won’t interfere with your hardcore regimen. You’ll just be doing your noble research on these circular typewriter-style vintage keys instead.

The custom keyboard is uber cool. We think it would look great in a steampunk man cave.

Not a fan of the leather look? Then check out this machinist keyboard made of distressed aluminum instead. This steampunk version is rugged with its metal frame, and it props up with two gear assembly risers. The black faceplate is rugged and looks great with the retro keys too.

This type of keyboard is rich with hip juice. And don’t mind if the next time your buds come over they stare at it – they want to be all one of a kind, just like you. Let them keep on dreamin’. With this keyboard, you’re living the dream.

Mainstream ain’t got nothing on you.