This is What Happens When Clockwork Orange Gets Even More Disturbing

Remember the movie A Clockwork Orange? It certainly cleans out the clock on kooky. We’ve got to hand it to Director Stanley Kubrick for having taken insane to a level that only Borat knows how to fine tune. Wacky just got real, yo.

What do you get when you take sociopathic Alex from A Clockwork Orange and combine him with the Joker from The Dark Knight? You get a hella wicked art print. This is kick-ass design. Titled “A Clockwork Joker,” this fine art print by Butcher Billy from Curioos is a must have for a movie buff’s man cave.

“Why so serious?” Nope, we’re not, but we know that’s one of the best lines from The Dark Knight. While it’s batsh*t what the Joker’s dad did to his mouth, it would be nothing compared to the creepy combo of him and Alex if that union ever did happen. Imagine it – we dare you!

Combine two worlds of evil-licious and here is the result. The bright colors make this print a vibrant one for the wall of your lair.

Weird? Maybe. Creepy? Almost as much as the gaping hole Halloween costume. Genius? This art has global impact potential to the nines.

The Clockwork Joker print is made of 100% cotton and comes unframed. Want to make it look even sicker? Frame it within a lime green or red mat to enhance the face even more.

Want the Joker all on its own? We don’t blame you; Heath Ledger was brilliant in that film. Then check out this Joker Face vinyl art decal instead. It looks amazing on the wall, with Joker’s facial features in a “why so serious” expression. The bloody mouth and dark eyes give the unmistakable expression of the crazy character.

Scary just met serious – and your wall’s lovin’ it. None of this Magic Mike sh*t. You’re a punk-ass villain, and it’s time you styled your man cave to reflect it. No joking around about that, dude.