These Sunglasses Are Definitely Not Meant For Your Face

Sure, Corey Hart sang about his sunglasses at night in his hit song of the same name but you may just want to get these shades for all day AND night. It’s not often you see such a fab-u-lo mirror. Yup, that’s right, this is a mirror in the shape of sunglasses. Care to take a trip on the dark side?

The Looking Good Sunglasses Mirror is a sporty accessory for the wall of your man cave. It’s useful and stylish, which is more than we can say about the ol’ lady these days. And you thought her glasses were oversized? You ain’t seen nothin yet.

The mirror is a great conversation starter when the buddies come over for a serious session of poker. The “lenses” of the specs are mirrored glass. Plus you can check if your bro is cheating at cards by seeing his reflection in the mirror (you can’t be down that much money without some sort of scheme going on here).

It’s not only a mirror for you to check yourself out in before heading downtown for the night, but it’s also wall art at its coolest. The art fits within many different decor styles, from rustic to athletic or modern. It’s a cinch to hang on the wall too with two screws. That’s more screwing than you’ve had in the bedroom lately, unfortunately.

Looking for a different kind of sporty mirror or want a second one that complements the sunglasses? Check out this Skateboard Mirror that is made from stainless steel and mirrored glasses. It’s not meant for skating on but instead as an accessory to hang in your crib.

Hang it horizontally or vertically. Another option is to just prop it up in the corner to add to your street cred. The mirror has skateboard wheels and trucks to mimic the look of the real deal. It even comes with stickers that you can but on the board’s front to customize it.

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