iKnow! These Apple Logo Decals for Your MacBook Have Swag

The rainbow isn’t reserved for Skittles commercials. It’s also a part of the retro Apple logo we all loved (and still do). You know, that old school apple emblem that the tech giant used from 1977 to 1999.

Interesting, that rainbow logo was the second one for Apple, and it was the first time the company had used the actual apple shape for its logo. They have been using the shape ever since, and each product it releases now bears the now-iconic symbol.

But, why restrict yourself to the plain white Apple logo that comes standard with the MacBook? Surely we can help you kick up your tech style a notch or two. One choice is to get the retro rainbow Apple decal for your MacBook. The sticker attaches right over the white logo, which is semi-transparent, so the light shines right through it, illuminating the colors of the rainbow!

The retro rainbow Apple decal is also available for the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and variations of the MacBook, including the MacBook Air Pro Retina.

We’re also partial to the Iron Man MacBook decal. The bold red-and-orange outline of Iron Man himself fits around the white Apple logo on your laptop, transforming the white apple into the mega-cool repulsor light shooting out of the palm of his glove. If you like Marvel’s Iron Man, then you will love this decal. It certainly ups the super hero quotient in your man cave.

The Iron Man decal looks great on your 13″, 14″, or 15″ MacBook. And if you decide to remove the sticker later (we have no clue why you would, though), it’s easy to do so and leaves no residue.

OK, now we’re off to use our Apple watch before deferring back to the iPhone before getting back onto our iPad. So much to do here. Well, we couldn’t stay in the retro world forever, could we?