These 10 Dogs Will Make You Look Even Manlier

The manly dog is strong, limber, and loyal. He is not overly aggressive. More than anything else, he is your favorite companion. This animal is the one you have chosen as your “best friend,” and he likely makes our top 10 list of the manliest dogs you will ever meet.

1. German Shepherd

Manliest Dog Breeds German Shepherd

Strong, loyal, and intelligent, the German Shepherd has the qualities you want in a pal (he won’t stiff you when the bar tab comes either, unlike human mutts). When you walk the German Shepherd, you exude understated confidence.

2. Husky

Husky is a Manly Dog
The Husky might as well scream the word “manly.” From the muscular arms to the sled he’s been bred to pull, there’s nothing to fault here. Reliable and a good leader, the Husky is a dog we’d be proud to own.

3. Cane Corso

One of the Manliest Dogs is Cane Corso
The name for this manly dog breed comes from “cohors,” which means “protector” in Latin. The rare breed is one hell of a watchdog. He’s muscular and strong, with a masculinity unmatched by other medium-sized dogs. Run with the cane corso and watch the ladies salivate.

4. Akita

Akita Manly Dog Breed
Go power dog, go! Akita is known for being a hunting dog in Japan and keeps away intruders for homeowners too.

We trust this dog for its guarding instincts, and its loyalty is admirable in this dog-eat-dog world (just an expression, no dogs were hurt in the making of this post!).

5. English Mastiff

Manly Dog English Mastiff

It’s not a coincidence that “mastiff” comes from the English word “masty,” meaning powerful. The English Mastiff was once the chosen breed for bear baiting in England because of their proven strength. We’ll “bear” that in mind when we take this manly dog out for a walk as our wingman.

6. Bulldog

Manly Man and the Bulldog

When you want some irony in with your toughness, opt for this guy. Sure, the bulldog looks stocky but can’t you just tell he feels about 12 feet tall and ready to take on the world?

7. Doberman Pinscher

Manliest Breeds Include Doberman Pinscher
Manly, yes. It’s a given. The Doberman Pinscher is a favorite with police departments for hunting purposes. It’s agile and looks suave from any angle (just like us), which makes it a great choice for a companion. He’ll protect you, even when everyone else mocks you for admitting you like rom coms.

8. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog in Nature
Hell yeah! Look in the history books and you’ll see this dog breed was used to hunt lions. Taking down a lion is just about as manly as it gets! The Rhodesian Ridgeback has your back when you’re in trouble, is strong, and he’s mighty clever too. That’s probably more than you can say for your best human bud.

9. Rottweiler

Rottweiler Dog is Manly
You talkin’ to me? This macho dog has unfortunately been branded with a less-than-stellar reputation from the media. When he is trained right, though, he can be dominant, stoic, and endearing. Just give him a chance to show you.

10. Black Labrador

Black Lab Dog is Manly
The black Labrador is dark, brooding, and mysterious, just as you wish the ladies saw you to be too. Maybe women will be taken with you sooner when you have one of the manliest dogs at your side. Smart and ready to fetch at your command, the Labrador is a keeper.

When you are in the company of any of these manliest dogs, you will feel like a man and a half. The strength of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Cane Corso are comforting while the loyalty of the Akita and Rottweiler is praiseworthy. You can walk proudly beside any of these dogs, in between your rounds of pushups and squats.