The Pie Chart Table That Cleans Up For You

So am I the only one who has a coffee table covered with accumulated sh*t? It’s like I clean it one day and then BAM the next thing I know it’s all f*cked up again.

The solution? This pie chart table from Polit that was designed by Goncalo Campos. Called ‘Times 4,’ it’s a pie-shaped table that spins so that you can store your random stuff within it. It’s out of sight (get it?!). Just rotate the table to hide your game controllers, football cards, receipts, comics, dryer lint and whatever else shows up on the tabletop.

The way the pie chart table rotates, you can reveal a quarter at a time. For all you Math whiz’s out there, that leaves three-quarters of space free inside it for storage.

It’s not so shabby looking either with its round shape and short legs. And, heck, white matches everything. The inner colors are soft shades rather than being gaudy or neon. Not that there’s anything wrong with neon.

Also, you can open up a part of the pie chart table to reveal a certain compartment to your buds. You could spotlight your favorite cigars or set up a mini bar in the slice that’s visible. Keep your beer cold even while it sits at the table with the Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller. Just freeze the chiller and then put it into your beer; it fits most standard long neck beer bottles. Drink through it for a cold one without needing to head to the fridge.

OK, so here we’ve shown you how to appear mess-free without having to clean up and keep your beer cold too. Is your mind blown yet? Or do we need to tell you about the surprising reasons beer is healthier than you thought?!

A little slice of heaven, that’s how we would describe the Times 4 table. Time for some brewskies now.