The key reasons why dogs are a man’s best friend

Men tend to want to show off their masculinity by using a nail gun or pumping weights on a regular basis, but it can all go out of the window with a showing of love to a canine friend. After all, as the saying goes, dogs are indeed a man’s best friend and bring out different qualities in people.

Scientists might not be in agreement on when dogs were first domesticated, but there is no doubting that they descended from Wolves and that we humans have essentially changed their genetic makeup over time. Now, dogs are arguably the best pet to have and form part of many peoples’ families and are regularly spoiled by their owners.

People also purchase gadgets for their beloved pooches, and they might take them everywhere they go, perhaps even tucking into the odd dog-themed release like The Dog House slot game, which is the perfect title for dog lovers. The fact is, dogs have become a favoured pet for many and have helped humans in numerous ways, from showing love and affection to assisting farmers.

Why are dogs a man’s best friend, though? Why are our canine friends so good to us? Below is a look at some key reasons as to why dogs have always had a close affinity to men.

We have established a mutually beneficial relationship

Over the years, dogs and humans have established a special relationship that essentially caters for both parties. We provide dogs with love, warmth, food and shelter, while they enable us to have some company, give and receive affection, and provide us with something to look after on a daily basis. It’s essentially a positive experience for both the owner and the dog.

Dogs are always excited to see us

Whether you’re coming home after a bad day at work or you’re picking up your dog after leaving it with a friend for the afternoon, dogs are always happy and excited to see us. Dogs will generally wag their tails, show love for their human companion by jumping up and down, and demonstrate a great deal of happiness after being reunited with their best friend and owner.

Dogs help us learn about life

Dogs certainly enjoy life. They’re generally happy, they always have a spring in their step, and they tend to enjoy every little moment. It’s for this reason why we humans perhaps show so much love and adoration for pooches as their energy is infectious, and it enables us to live our best lives, too. They also help us to create memories with friends and family, perhaps by offering a few comical moments along the way.

They love us no matter what

Humans can be complicated at times, which is why dogs offer a refreshing change. Dogs love us unconditionally and always will do until they leave this earth. Essentially, no matter how bad the day is going or low you’re feeling, a dog will always show its owner huge amounts of love, which will simply never waver.

Dogs can benefit our health

Owning a dog comes with a whole host of benefits, but the most notable one of all is the range of health benefits they can provide. For example, a recent survey published in the journal Nature shows that dog owners are more likely to be healthier overall because of their increased level of activity. Having a dog means that owners have to walk it regularly, for instance. On top of this, research also suggests that people can sleep better when they cuddle up in bed next to their beloved canine.