The Hammock Goes Indoors

The hammock isn’t just for the backyard anymore. Now it can be part of your basement, home office or another man-only zone (aka the space you can do whatever the hell you want in).

Perhaps this indoor hammock floor is part of the current trend of incorporating natural elements into home interiors rather than just keeping them outside. Then again, maybe it’s us just wanting to enjoy a bit of R&R.

At first you might remember the days of sleeping on camping gear back in your teens but, trust me, the hammock sleep is so much better than that.

Plus it’s a great alternative when you don’t have much yard space to hang a traditional hammock. Take the hammock inside instead! Yup, we had the same sort of lightbulb moment too (you’re not alone but you’re in very good company, if we do say so ourselves).

There are lots of variations too, should this hammock floor catch your eye. Make it the entire floor or just part of it. Throw some mannified pillows on it for a head rest and you’re good to go. We like the How to Grow a HandleBar Mustache Pillow from the Manly Skills design team.

It’s pretty much a big net that curves to your body, for full-on spread-out lounging whenever you want, however often you want. Comfort and customization. Now THIS is the man cave life. Grab an issue of MAD magazine and waste a few hours away from the office clock. After all, you’re in your 40s now and likely need more sleep.

Now for that R&R we spoke of earlier. We best retreat to our hammock space now. You can check out more hammock floor design ideas here. Man Cave Master out, yo.