The Bacon Bandage for Your Boo-Boo

When you have an ouchie or boo-boo on your knee, finger or anywhere else on your body, what better type of bandage to save the day than a bacon one?

Okay, we fess up, these bacon bandages are not really made of bacon. But they sure look like the real deal, and that makes them great items to have around the house. Store a few in the desk drawer, bedside table, and with your grooming essentials in the bathroom cabinet.

They’re a great gift for your bro’s man cave too, particularly with the advertised “free prize inside” the package! The tin is a fun conversation piece to display on your coffee table too, inside your gaming zone or beside the TV in your loft.

Each tin comes with 15 adhesive bandages, and the “free prize” is a bonus trinket, as per its Amazon page. Whatever the prize is though if it has a bacon theme to it then it’s sure to help the minor cut or scratch. Bacon has healing power unlike any other meat!

Each bacon bandage is shaped like a small slab of bacon, which makes the mouth water and the eyes huge. The playful tin is destined to make your man cave look amazing as an accessory on your shelving unit or to show the guys when they come over to watch the latest game of hoops on the big screen.

We abide by the philosophy that everything is better when you add in bacon. Well, you can’t blame us. I mean, it is mighty tasty. Picture it sizzling, and you’re sure to start drooling. While you can’t eat these bandages, you certainly can wear one as you head over to your plate full of bacon-wrapped sausage.

Move over Superman, there’s a new hero in town. And he’s wearing a bacon-shaped bandage. Bacon never looked so good.