The 10 Manliest Drinks for the Manliest of Men

Your drink says a lot about you. It’s your best friend on a Friday night at the bar. It’s manly – provided it makes our list of the 10 drinks for the manliest of men, that is.

1. Whiskey Sour

Get Manly with a Whiskey Sour
It’s whiskey that puts hair on your chest and makes your voice a little deeper. The whiskey sour is a combination of whiskey, lemon, and sugar. Serve it on the rocks and add a slice of orange – or don’t, and just sip another one of these classic cocktails while you chase tail.

2. Old Fashioned

Manly Drink Old Fashioned
It was a hit on TV’s Mad Men and for good reason. The manliest order of the night at your table, the old fashioned is a mix of muddled sugars and bitters with brandy or whiskey. Poured into a short tumbler to drink, this one has a kick to it that will make you the (s)tumbler of the night.

3. Jack and Coke

Manly Men Drink Jack and Coke
This manly drink is affectionately often referred to as JD by its best friends. It’s a simple one with a combination of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Coca-Cola. The whiskey gives you a kick, while the soda is a thirst quencher. You’ll swear you end the night with a few more chin hairs than when you started it.

4. Tom Collins

Tom Collins Cocktail
If you want a smooth beverage, with a hint of roughness, the Tom Collins is the one to order. It is as classic for men as the tailored, slicked-back haircut. The combo of gin, club soda, lemon juice, and a dash of sugar, severed on the rocks, makes the macho statement that you understand your flavors as well as you understand fine ladies.

5. Godfather

Making a Godfather Drink
“Go to the mattresses,” as Sonny said in The Godfather, and so you will, at least in your manly mind. Mix equal parts amaretto and scotch whiskey for a drink on the rocks that demands respect. No wonder the Godfather cocktail was a favorite of Marlon Brando.

6.Gold Rush

Making a Manly Gold Rush Cocktail
Them there bar holds something other than traditional gold – It holds the Gold Rush cocktail. Put a twist on the classic whiskey sour that is all-man, all-the-time. You know it. The Gold Rush is bourbon, lemon, and honey though you’re admittedly sweeter underneath that rough exterior.

7. Rusty Nail

Rusty Nail for Men Drinking

Order the Rusty Nail and you’ll be met with looks of admiration from men sitting at the bar who don’t dare to order it. The Scots had it right when they started drinking this one. A mix of Scotch whiskey and Drambuie, it’s not for the guzzler but more for the man who wants to sip on his manhood. Take down the Drambuie a notch to make it less sweet and all the more potent.

8. Dark and Stormy

A Dark and Stormy Drink for MenThe Dark and Stormy is often a sailor’s drink of choice, perhaps because it sets you off swearing at how smooth it feels going down the throat. Keep your cool every sip of the way through this perfect beverage that combines ginger beer and rum. Yup, we said beer.

9. Irish Car Bomb

Manly Men Drink Irish Car Bombs
It is the right of any man to indulge in this guilty pleasure now and then. The Irish Car Bomb is part of a late night drink-a-thon with the buds. It’s potent enough to have the word ‘bomb’ in it – need we say more? Drop a shot glass of Irish Cream or Irish Whiskey into a pint of Guinness stout and you’re good to go (where you’re going exactly nobody knows).

10. Navy Grog

Drinking with Manly Men
Pack a wallop on the manly scale by ordering up a Navy Grog. Rumor has it that Frank Sinatra liked this kind of sauce. It packs 3 different rums (white, dark, and demerara), lime, white grapefruit juice, and honey syrup. Serve on ice for a grog that makes you almost too groggy to see your awesome handlebar mustache the next morning.

Take your manliness up a notch (if that’s possible) with these 10 manly drinks for the manliest of you beasts out there. It might be a Dark and Stormy night or more of a Gold Rush event. Whichever liquid addiction you choose, we’re pretty sure you won’t look back.