Swimming Games & Toys For Adults and Kids

Now that the warmer weather is here, it’s time to say buh-bye to the brutally cold days of winter and hello to the swimming pools that has been sadly underused for months.

You can finally take off the pool cover and enjoy a wet wonderland of swimming pool floats and loungers, as well as the best water toys you and your kids have used in ages. 

Now don’t get us wrong we’re not saying to unleash your inner Borat in a mankini, but we are all for diving into a swimming pool as a refreshing activity on a scorching hot day. Have fun and even get a great workout while you’re at it!

Here are the best in swimming aids, inflatable floats, pool games for adults, swimming games for boys and girls, and more. You’ll find the latest and best ways to beat the heat this summer. You might even want to pop open a few brewskies and continue enjoying the cold ones after you retire to the man cave at the end of the day.

Of course, be responsible when drinking in the pool (the lair might be another story).


Inflatable Floats for Adults That Really Make a Splash

Get the ultimate adult-oriented experience for the pool with the Ginzick Inflatable Floating Pool Bar Lounge. It removes that pesky experience of having to lift yourself out of the pool to grab a Bud Light or other bottle of choice.

You can brag to your buddies that you have a swim-up bar in your pool. You might even entice a gal or two to stop by the house. The bar table includes cup holders and 4 inflatable chair loungers so you can stay close by the best spot at the pool (and keep your bud’s mitts off your cold one).

Inflatable Floats for Adults

Or, you might want to go for a modern take on pool loungers with an inflatable couch in the water that’s perfect for chillaxing all day – just put on the sunscreen or you’ll wind up looking like the twin of the lobster that you plan to have for dinner later.

We like the Ozark Trail Floating Couchfor its sporty look and ability to fit up to 3 people on it. Of course, you could just kick out your friends and lay out on it all by yourself – after all, your own company is the best, right? (Just don’t ask your friends that question as you might not like the answer).

With these adult pool toys, you’ll create the atmosphere of R&R that you’ve wanted since you started your workweek, which was only a couple of hours ago…

Hacks to Blow A Pool Float

  • There are more ways to inflate pool toys than just using an air pump. What, you don’t believe us? Check out these 3 hacks:
  • The Shop Vac – For just $15 you can inflate your swimming floats as well as pick up water from your hot water tank when it finally kicks the bucket (been there). Get the full scoop from this YouTube video.
  • The Hair Dryer – Just put it on the cool setting to inflate the pool furniture. You might have to hold the nozzle right up to the inflatable’s plug the whole time you blow it up but just think of the money you’re saving here.
  • The Trash Bag – We’re talking about the plastic variety here, not the paper kind, and use a big one. This genius approach (no, we didn’t come up with it ourselves, but we are mildly clever by some standards) involves opening the garbage bag into the air and catching a bunch of air, then sealing the bag’s end to the mattress and laying on it to create air flow to the inflatable. Repeat a few times, if needed – easy!

Teenage Time

Unique Pool Floats That Make the Cut with Even the Most Critical Teens

When your teen is feeling stressed out from homework, an annoying sibling, or the way that you’re breathing at the moment, you’d better step out of the way and just let him or her be. Yes, you’ve learned that trick one or two thousand times by now. Super dad? You’re getting there. 

Colorful Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Get even one step closer with the rainbow Popsicle Inflatable from H2Whao.

This unique pool mattress is 58 inches long and perfect for when your teen wants to nap or huff and puff the day away like one of the 3 pigs from that famous nursery rhyme.

That was back in the “easier” years; only you didn’t know you had it so good back then.

Now, picture your teen lying on a giant rainbow Popsicle in the pool. It sounds like something you did back in the 1970s when you were smoking a little weed, doesn’t it?

This float makes the cut with the cool crowd, also known as your teen and the best friend that always seems to be “diving” into your fridge, in addition to the pool. 

Kid Zone

Swim Aids for The Kids in The Crew

Your kids will make a splash safely in the pool this summer with swim training aids. Yes, we’re talking about the arm floaties but also there are some great swim vests and life jackets out there that work great for keeping your youngin’ afloat and making them smile with cute characters on them.

Think along the likes of this Disney Finding Dory PFD Life Jacket. You can also get it in Frozen, Marvel, or Star Wars designs, depending on who is the hero for your little one.

Adjust the waist belts and the strap between the legs to get a custom fit that helps improve their stability and control in the water. It’s a tad small for you, though, daddy dearest.

Batman Learn to Swim Kids Life Jacket

If your kid’s between 2 and 8, you can give him wanna-be abs to die for with this fun Batman Swim Vest.

The EPE foam moves with his body shape rather than holding him back as he learns to swim. He’ll love being like his favorite caped crusader – only he won’t sink the way Ben Affleck did in the movie role of Batman.

sunny patch shark kickboard

By the way, Affleck not only sunk but also stunk (minor rant, pardon us) in the film.

We’re also loving this Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Kickboard that helps children develop their swimming skills while having fun with such a cool board. Kids will get a kick out of the Spark Shark character – literally!

Oh Baby

Baby Swimming Floats: You’re Not the Only Baby Anymore

There’s a new kid baby in town. And this little one’s got a set of lungs! But you’re feeling unconditional love for the latest member of the family and want the baby to learn to swim.

Obviously, the safety of the baby swimming seat is essential, so we’re only selecting items here that have at least 4 stars and several positive reviews on Amazon.

Intex Whale Infant Float Seat

Your baby will be the target of the “oohs” and “ahhs” in this Intex Whale Baby Float that makes it appear as though the infant is sitting in the middle of a huge whale with its inflatable tail in the air.

The swimming seat has smooth leg holes for easy use and high comfort, with two air compartments to enhance security.

The tail doubles as a sun shade for your little guy or gal (age 1 or older) in the pool. Welcome to the mac daddy level of baby float seat choices! 

Oh, and if you’re wondering how to clothe baby in the pool, there’s a baby float suit that gives them the buoyancy they need as they begin to swim (and so you can breathe comfortably again). This Swim School Aqua Tot Trainer has over 500 reviews online and 4.5 stars, and for good reason.

Check out the ingenious design of the inflatable swim tube trainer. This swim aid fits over swimsuits, and the tube that goes around the infant’s waist lets them paddle freely while also feeling safe.

They’ll become more confident with each time in the pool! We love the bright yellow color of the water suit too, like sunshine.

Or, you can start to get your little warrior into the water with this Stearns Puddle Jumper Deluxe Life Jacket in fun blue camouflage design.

It’s a float suit for babies (30-50lbs) that help them learn to swim and is U.S. Coast Guard-approved. It is also backed by close to 2,000 online reviews and an impressive 4.5-star rating.

Water Safety Tips for New Parents

Make sure baby is safe in or around water, whether it’s the pool, open water, tub, or elsewhere, by remembering to: 

  • Wait until the baby can hold their head up on their own before taking them to the pool or open water. This usually happens around 5 months old.
  • Put a flotation device on your infant any time you’re around or in water. Make sure it fits properly and is approved by the US Coast Guard.
  • Ensure your pool has a drain safety system. An auto pump shutoff, for example, can save a life if anyone is unexpectedly pulled underwater by the suction of an ill-performing drain.
  • Take an infant / child CPR safety course.
  • Remove water toys from the water and around the pool when you don’t want the baby to go near it; the infant might otherwise want to play with them and risks falling into the water.
  • Teach your little bundle of joy about water safety rules, such as never going near the water without an adult.


Adult Central

Pool Party Games for Adults: A Different Kind of Wet

Invite your buds over and head into the backyard pool this weekend. Rather than just swimming laps, why not play the ultimate host and have some pool party games for adults ready when they arrive?

There’s the Intex Pool Volleyball Game that ships with the net, inflatable posts, and ball, so you’re all set to play right away.

Or maybe you’re more for the “less sober” approach. Enter the Port-O-Pong Inflatable Beer Pong Table. Just put your red solo cups into the 20 recessed cup holders on the raft and keep the 2 drinking cup holders at each side filled to the brim with cold ones.

Beer Pool Games for Adults

The heavy-duty vinyl means no worries when you bring this mattress into the pool at your next party. Now it’s time to get drinking playing games. Feel free to modify the rules as you sip like. Of course, the party game float comes in all-American blue.

Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker

And now you need some tunes, which is why you’ll want to get your hands (and ears) on the Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker.

It works with MP3, Android, or iPhone, and the floating design keeps it above water all the time. You’ll like the trippy blue mood lighting on this one too.

It’s got a 33-foot clear streaming range, just in case you want to brag about the size of your, er, pool.

And when you want to take up the adult pool party experience another notch, why not mix your love of card games with water goodness? If you’re a betting man then you’ll want to put your money on the Texas Hold’em Inflatable Pool Poker Set with Card Table.

This fun game from Bestway even comes with 4 floating pool lounge chairs, a deck of waterproof playing cards, dealer button, and mesh accessory storage bag. All made of durable vinyl. Let’s get dealing, folks! Yup, summer love isn’t the only thing playing the odds these days.

Pool party games for adults like these ones are perfect for hot summer days and having a few laughs with your buds. Maybe they’ll even invite a hot woman or two to play the adult pool party games with you too. Now that’s the kind of hot you can feel comfortable with, wink wink.

Teen Angst Be Gone

Rule the Pool with These Outdoor Games for Teenagers

Tired of spending half an hour just trying to get your teen to crack a smile?

They’d rather text friends than hang with the family but you’ll soon become the cool dad by giving the youngsters some Emoji Inflatable Beach Balls for poolside fun.

Yellow Inflatable Emoji Balls for the Pool

Each ball has an emoji face design like on your teen’s phone; only there’ll be no phone in sight as he or she races around the yard with the balls and friends before heading to the pool. Take a pic to prove they’re actually getting off the couch and being active (winky face emoji).

As you might have already figured out from the one or two words you are able to drag out of your teen’s mouth, technology is very popular with the young age group. So, why not treat your spawn to the Banzai Motorized Wave Cruiser Pool Rider? Water toys and gear don’t get much better than this. It might even score you a few bonus points wth the youth that you can later cash in when you want them to take out the garbage.

Water Blaster and Wave Cruizer

The inflatable pool rider features a motorized steering unit and includes a water blaster. It’s got non-stop ammo too because the teen can just take the water from the pool – so watch out dad if you asked them to clean their room that day cause it’s payback time!

Catch a wave! It’s a racer alright, zooming at 1.2ft per second across your pool. With a 100lb weight capacity though you won’t be getting on this one, dad, even if your teen offered to share it (aka if hell froze over).

The material is sturdy PVC, and it’s battery operated. For backyard fun, all arrows point to pool party games like this one.

Kids In The Water

Avoid the 3 Most Dreaded Words: “I’m Bored, Dad”

Swimline Giant Swimming Pool Toys

It’s about time your kids learned that bigger is better, right?

Get them the Swimline Giant Shootball Inflatable Pool Toy that lets them pursue their love of basketball even when they’re in the pool. You won’t have to dodge the “I’m bored” bullet for a while, daddy-o.

This floating game has multiple ports for several players and comes with one ball. Your rugrats will love swimming pool toys like this one that they can invite their friends over to play. Dude, your kid’s finally popular (time to fist bump).

And teens aren’t the only ones loving tech these days. Your kids and their friends will get a kick (and heave-ho) out of the Sea Doo Dolphin Seat Scooter with Go Pro Mount. This awesome propulsion vehicle is designed for children 8 years and up.

Pool Scooter

It propels you your teen at up to 2 miles per hour, and the deepest it can go is 15.5 feet. You’d better believe you’ll be borrowing this one from your little tyke.

The motorized water toy is lightweight at only 12lbs, believe it or not. Safety features – yes! – include floating body, protective grill, safety lock, and auto shutoff.

Another of the swimming pool toys to amuse your ankle biters is the classic Swim Thru Rings that help your kids test their underwater swimming skills. These classic swimming aids are great for children of any swimming level and have fun designs of turtles and fish on them.

Oh and if you’re having trouble even getting your kids outside, show them this 3G smartwatch that has games, music, sounds, and even enables you as the parent to chat with them from where you’re lounging in your man cave or elsewhere.

In the Mood for Water Balloon Games? They’re Cheap & Fun Entertainment (Kinda Like You)

  • Hula Hoop Water Balloon Toss – One person holds a hula hoop while players take turns tossing the water balloon through the hoop. Basic but classic!
  • Leaky Water Balloon Toss – Poke small holes into water balloons with a safety pin. Stand in a group and toss the balloons around. Don’t be the last one holding the balloon when it runs dry – wear year swimsuit, daddy!
  • Water Balloon Toss – Form pairs and stand in two rows. Toss the balloons back and forth in this game, taking one step backward with each catch. Be the winning pair to still be going without popping the balloon. Go team go!
  • Water Balloon Dodge Ball – Divide your buds into equal teams and give each team the same number of water balloons. Yell “Go!” and then try to take out players on the other team by hitting them with a water balloon. The team left with the most players when no water balloons are left wins the action-packed activity.

Want to Clean the Pool Easier Than Ever?

The pool floor, walls, and cove can all get mucky now with all of these swimming games for boys and girls, not to mention the adult water fun.

Get a spotless pool again with the Dolphin Advantage Plus RC Robotic Pool Cleaner. It comes with a wall-climbing brush and remote control for manually moving the robot.

Or just use the 1-hour clean cycle for a fresh pool in almost no time at all! The patented swivel cable helps prevent any pesky tangling of the cable. 

Whether you want to play pool party games for adults, plan outdoor games for teenagers, or get the newest swimming pool toys for your youngest kids, we hope you’re full of fun ideas now.

Beat the heat and enjoy the water with swimming pool parties and inflatable floats this summer!