Style Your Man Cave to Get Her to Like You (Part 2)

When you want to get her to like you, what steps should you take? Well, let’s start first by determining what kind of gal we’re dealing with her. If she is a “casual” chick, see Part 1 of this series. If she’s more “wedding material,” read on for ways to style your man cave to attract her to you.

Be Responsible for Her to LIke You

Yes, You’re Responsible

On a scale of 1-10, just how responsible ARE you? Even if you’re really a 2, we’ll help you look like you’re a 10+ to her. 

When you know she’s coming over to visit your cave, get one of your buddies to phone your cell while she’s there. Then when you answer the call in front of her, pretend you’re saying no to his invite to the bar.

Say to him, “No, I don’t want to go out for (insert supposedly immature activity of a single dude). I would rather stay in with (make sure you get her name right this time)” She’ll adore that you chose her over your own needs. Congrats, you’ve just earned a gold star for responsibility in her books!

Hint, Hint, You Want A Pet

Bed For Your Dog

Let it drop that you are thinking of getting a pet. Put an American Kennel Club dog bed at the side of the room. Ask her what names would be great for the dog you’re going to get. Why show her you want a pet? It’s a step away from being a parent, really. Okay, it’s a BIG step but it’s a single step away.

By including her in the process of getting your new four-legged friend, you let her know that you want her to be a part of your life for a long time. Building your family starts with a dog or another pet.

Hannibal Welcome Man Cave

Welcome Her Into Your Lair (But Not In A Hannibal Lecter Way)

Point out what you love about your place in terms of space. Even if your man cave isn’t very big, you can still make it obvious that she would be welcome to hang there anytime. The point is: Show her that you have room, physically and in your heart, for her.

Perhaps you get an extra chair for your room, one that’s just for her when she visits. Or you can clear a shelf for her in your tropical design office. Help her feel at home with you.

You don’t have to go all Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs on her (creepy much?) but do subtly invite her to be a part of your world, starting with your den.

Show You Care For Her

Caring to Get Her to Like You

You need to show this marriage material gal that you care about her. Begin with a compliment. Tell her you adore her and that you support her dream of becoming a trapeze artists or whatever it is she wants to be when she grows up. Those supportive words show her how much you value her happiness.

Now is not the time to say you want to kiss her boobs. No, there’ll be plenty of time for that later if you excel at this step now. Tell that bulge in your pants to calm down for the moment.

As you take her on the grand tour around your crib, ask her if she has any questions about what she sees there. For example, has she ever played The Legend of Zelda (the main game of the moment in most guys’ rooms) before?

Ask her and show interest in whatever she answers. Even follow up by asking her another questions. Hint: Actually listen to what she says this time. Then she’ll be less likely to pull away from your lips when you make your move.

Cleanup Easily with Mail and Key Rack

Cleanup Time

For crying out loud, man, do your dishes before she gets there. Get rid of the stale crusts left over in the pizza box from the guys night last week (and toss the box too while you’re at it). It’s not rocket science; she wants to see you have a clean place.

Don’t get overwhelmed. You can still put half the junk your treasures into your closet or in desk drawers where she can’t see them. Got a wad of mail sitting around? Put it into this bronze Twillo Wall Mount Mail and Key Rack.

Just mount it on the wall and toss your mail in it; you’ll love how it’s not scattered around your pad anymore, and you’ll always know where your keys are too. It doesn’t look girlish either.

Reel her in with a man cave that’s so enticing there’s no doubt that it’ll get her to like you. Show you’re ready for the long haul with this gal who has marriage on her mind. Good thing she can’t read your mind though as it’s pretty busy in the gutter right now.