The Strangest Place You’ll Ever BBQ (And Why It’s Awesome)

If you’re like most men, you spend a lot of summertime by the grill. You’ve got the routine down to a science: Get the meat on the grill, add a beer in one hand, and tongs in the other hand. You’re typically in the backyard rather than in an alleyway with the trash cans. Wait – trash cans? That’s weird, right? Well, okay, a little bit. But it works when it’s the Original Po’ Man Charcoal Grill that looks like a trash can.

Nope, we’re not kidding. It looks like a garbage bin. You might even expect Oscar the Grouch to jump out of it.

The Po’ Man Charcoal Grill is a cooker in a can. Its innovative design delivers the delicious smoky flavor of meat that you want when you grill your burger patties, ribs, and steaks. It’s more meat, with less “la dee dah” like you get with those overrated monstrosities that some people use to BBQ. Here’s how it works:

The Original Po’ Man isn’t so much po’ or poor on anything – In fact, it’s chock-full of value. This charcoal grill includes all the goodies you need for an awesome BBQ with friends and family; it comes with a round grate, drip tray, and two skewers. It’ll cook better than a more expensive grill that has all the bells and whistles, much to the admiration of your buddies. They’ll also get a kick out of the trash can design.

It’s a cinch to use too. Just light the coals, add your meat of choice, and tilt the lid. Then sip a cold one while you wait. The grill is on autopilot, just like you are at the office some days; in other words, it knows what to do without needing to be poked much. The steel outer shell is durable, and the matte black paint can withstand high BBQ temperatures.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to the trash can and start grilling. The sooner we grill, the sooner we eat. Yup, it’s that simple.

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  1. Many years ago I created one much the same with an old 15 gallon oil drum, well cleaned of course. I used much the same idea using a combination of charcoal. For added flavour I would drop in pieces of dried and green Aspen bark, it became a cabin favourite.

  2. Hi Rolly, that sounds amazing – thank you for your post! Would you like to do a more detailed writeup of how you went about building that? We’d love to include that here on this post! You can either send it to our email address “contact (at) mancavemaster (dot) net ” or simply add it as a post comment and we’ll make it part of the article while giving you credit for it.

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