A Step-by-Step Guide to Leveling Your Foosball Table

Can you picture trying to play a foosball game on an unleveled table? It just won’t happen.

Having a thoroughly leveled table is the first step to ensuring that your foosball game is fair, enjoyable and practicable.A leveled table keeps the ball from rolling around and allows you to set up your shots.

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You want to buy a good quality table that you can level easily. A cheap table that is not leveled from the get go will give you quite a headache and trying to fix it will not work at all. Here is a detailed guide to leveling a good quality foosball table.

What you will need:


These can be plastic, wooden or cardboard blocks. Spacers may be optional if your table already comes with adjustable spinning legs.​

​Leveling Your Foosball Table – Steps

Step 1

Ensure that your foosball table is on a solid and stable surface. If the table has adjustable legs, be sure that the legs are tightly screwed in to ensure that all legs are even and none is higher or lower.

Step 2

Place the two foot carpenter’s level on one side of the table’s rails. In case the table is unstable, the bubble in the vial will move toward the higher end of the table.

3. Step

Prior to adjusting the table, use the torpedo level to confirm the placement of the table’s playing surface both vertically and horizontally.

After determining the location of the bubble in the vial and toward which direction it is travelling, you want to make this side of the table higher to bring the bubble at the center of the black lines. It is also important that you lift the side opposite to where the bubble is moving.

4. Step

Ask another person to lift the table so you can unscrew the legs or insert spacers beneath the leg that needs adjusting. Do the same for the remaining table legs to ensure the bubble is brought to the center irrespective of the direction the level is placed.

Using Levelers For Tables With Adjustable Spinning Legs

You will find that some foosball tables come with spinning leg levelers. Well, these are not part of the table; instead, they come as after sale features. The levers can be great if you know how to use them because you would only need to spin them to adjust and level the table instead of using the spacers.

High-end tables typically come with the option of adjustable legs, further reiterating the need to buy a good quality table. Another advantage of higher-end tables is that they come with thicker legs that offer more stability than those with skinny legs.

A rule of thumb is that you should only adjust 1-3 foosball table legs and this should ideally be done once a month. If you play foosball very often and for long periods, you may need to adjust the table regularly, perhaps every other week to enjoy a stable playing surface.