St Patrick’s Day Gives Us Green Beer & Tailgate Pong

On St Patrick’s Day, March 17, you know you wanna drink beer. Green beer, to be exact. Call it a celebratory tool (or maybe we’re just the tools when we’ve had too much of the cold ones). Anyhoo, if you want to have some extra fun on the Irish-loving day this year, then you best be getting in on the tailgate pong awesomeness.

So, what exactly is tailgate pong, you ask?

It’s a hell of a lot of fun. To be more specific, tailgate pong is a panel you put on the back of your truck’s tailgate to set up beer pong wherever you happen to be. Just slide in the panel and it’s ready for the beer pong tournament of your life! It has cup holders for 10 cups, plus an extra slot for a water cup on each side. The cups won’t slide once you’ve put them in place.

You’ll save yourself from having to set up a table every time you want to play beer pong. Now you can just play it on your truck while it’s parked in the driveway, while camping, or anywhere else you want an excuse to chug back some brewskies. Just don’t drink and drive!

OK, yes, we’re assuming you’ll use it past St Patrick’s Day as beer pong is a game for any occasion, like putting the finishing touches on your man cave or letting off steam when your favorite football team lost the big game. The panel has high durability, made of HDPE.

There are a bunch of different truck bed beer pong tables for various truck makes and models, so make sure you get the one to fit yours. The panel goes on your truck in less than ten minutes. But we’re betting the game will last a lot longer than that once you start playing! When you go to the top link we provided you, just select your vehicle (year, make, and model) to find the match. Easy.

Redefine what make a great tailgate party, on St. Paddy’s Day and beyond!