Sports Man Cave Ideas For The Real Player In You

Sports and man caves go perfectly hand in hand, just like cold beer and pizza.

Whether you are desirous of your own personal sports bar or a gym, or perhaps a way to showcase your memorabilia, a sports-themed man cave will give you this and more.

Here are some ideas on how to spruce up your man cave with a sporty theme:

1. Hanging basketball LED

hanging basket ball light

What better way to lighten up your sporty man cave than with a basketball shrouded with sparkling LED lights?

It is pretty easy to put this together—you just need a string of LED lights, a ball and a way to hang your ‘ball of light’, and you’d be good to go.

If one piece does not adequately light up your den, you could add a couple more, may be two or three for that added light and extra sporty feel.

2. Ball Holder/ Display

This ball holder is a handy way of displaying your balls, whether you are into soccer, basketball or football.

This is also another easy project that you can finish in a couple of hours. Simply pick up a nice piece of wood, something that will look stylish in your cave; then, buy some triple-tonged handles and fix them onto the board.

Your balls should fit snuggly in the handles – making you the REAL court master , if you catch my drift!

3. Sports-Themed Bar

Ask any man who has dreams of owning a man cave and they will tell you how much they just desire to have a sports bar of their own.

Hanging out at the sports bar in your favorite venue is cool, but having your own bar where you can hang out with your boys is something that is utterly exciting.

So, go all out and pimp your own sports bar with your favorite team’s memorabilia from the bar stools and table down to the flooring. While you are at it, take a look at our write-up on bar ideas!

4. Indoor Putting green

indoor putting green for your man cave

There was a time, maybe a decade ago, when the idea of playing golf inside your house would sound outrageously crazy. Just thinking about the cost of building a golf course inside the house was enough to put off the regular Joe.

But, all that’s changed thanks to affordable, easy to assemble putting turfs. Whether you have plenty of space in your basement or you are working with a small space, you can now enjoy a game of golf with friends on those wintry days.

Lay down a putting green in your den and you just might not get any work done! Don’t forget to check out our indoor putting green reviews.

5. Perfect entertainment center

entertainment center in a man cave

What’s a sporty man cave without the complete entertainment center? It is not enough to just have a sports bar and a couple of framed memorabilia of your favorite sports team. How will you watch your favorite games?

A real man cave needs plush, comfortable seats plus a good home theater. What’s better than watching your favorite game while chilling out in your cushy recliner? Another idea is to have your recliners emblazoned with your favorite team’s logo.

6. Sports-Themed Furniture

glove chair with a retro touch

If recliners are not your thing, why not have some of these unique and comfortable football themed benches. These are especially cool if you are looking to bring that casual, relaxed and whimsical atmosphere to your den.

Add a complementing table and you create a cozy hangout joint for you and the boys.

If you’d rather get something similar to the awesome glove chair on the picture, take a look here!

7. Man Cave Gym

great gym man cave-style

Who said you cannot go all out with your man cave? After all, it is your space. If you are a fitness freak, adding some gym equipment is the perfect way to spruce up your space.

Don’t forget to decorate with your favorite sports memorabilia and secure a place where you can chill and watch your favorite games. Talk about the ultimate manly experience.

8. Framed Jerseys And Memorabilia

Framing and displaying memorabilia is a classic way to bring that sporty feel to your man cave. The best part is that you can preserve your keepsakes without breaking the bank or actually partaking in activities that can give you embarrassing sports injuries.

All you need is some good frames and in a couple of hours, you’ll be proud to display your treasured mementos.

9. Gaming console

show off all your gaming consoles in style

A sports-themed man cave is incomplete without a game console!

If there is nothing particularly interesting to watch on TV, then a game console will be the perfect substitute and your pack of buddies will love you for it.

Just beware that once you start playing, it could get too sweet to stop.

10. Sports-themed fridge

get a fridge with your favorite team 's logo

Since you have started with the sports theme in your man cave, why not go all out and even have a team-themed refrigerator? This super classy fridge will add to your décor while keeping your beers cold, just as you like it.

This particular fridge is 1.7 cubic foot and has a holding capacity of 60 beer cans, that’s surely more than enough for a whole team!