A 3G Smartwatch That Gets Kids Outdoors

In a world where so many kids just want to stay inside and play video games, now there is wearable tech that gets them out into the elements – and having fun while they’re out there too!

The Wanderwatch encourages outdoor play, rather than being yet another device that keeps kids sluggish and unmotivated to exercise. The result is a healthier, smarter, and happier child, which all adds up to a single word called “awesome.”

This 3G smartwatch has interactive outdoor games, as well as music, sounds, and chat features. As with many of the latest wearables, it has a touchscreen so youngsters can quickly toggle between options.

When your children play games using the Wanderwatch, they can use the Bluetooth beacon or “Magic Beacon” to find pirate’s treasure or complete other fun tasks, depending on the type of game. Kids love the interactive gameplay, and they play with other kids that have the Wanderwatch for even more fun! They team up by simply bumping their fists and can then access multiplayer games and connect via chat or text features.

As for the adults, you will be a fan of the parental app that lets you see your youngster’s location and reach out to him or her at any time via text or doodle chat. You can even see the battery level on your child’s watch, and there is an Alert button that your little one can press if in distress. Your kid stays safe AND healthy with this smartwatch.

If you are based in the U.S. or Europe, take advantage of the pre-paid SIM card that makes it easy to connect. If you’re outside of these two areas, just switch the data card for one from your country. The apps and tracking feature use minimal data.

Choose from 4 bold, fun colors and let your child customize the Wanderwatch further with 4 screen color themes. The 3G smartwatch for kids has Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities, microphone, and speaker, with a pre-installed data SIM card.

Wanderwatch is currently on Kickstarter and moving steadily towards its $35,000 goal. The team behind the groundbreaking technology envisions a healthy world where kids are happy and perform at their best, making the most of their potential every day. Now that’s a cause we can get behind!

If you are still worrying about your kids spending most of their time indoors, consider a internet access control router!