Smart Technology for the Man Cave: A Drool Worthy Top 5 List

If you’re smart and you know it, clap your hands. You can also clap if you incorporate smart technology into your man cave that simplifies your lifestyle. “Smart” tech is equipped with electronic control devices that are computer microprocessors. Sure, you have a smartphone but are you also using these other gadgets to max out your daily quotient of awesome? If not, what are you waiting for?

1. Ding Dong, It’s Time To Get This Clock Doorbell

Smart Tech Doorbell Clock

Once upon a time there was a clock and a doorbell. Then, one day, a genius combined the two items. Ta-da! Here is the Infinity Instruments Doorbell Clock that is a wall or table clock that doubles as a doorbell. There are 15 tones from which to choose.

It has LED reminder lights and a modern look that even James Cameron would appreciate (man, he’s difficult to please). Get it in red, white or orange. Ding dong, the witch is dead in The Wizard of Oz, but ​we still want this rad example of smart technology.

2. To Infinity And Beyond… Because You Can

Gravity Chair For Him

When you want to recline, this intelligent chair is all you need. Trust us on this one. The oversized gravity chair from Caravan Sports Infinity has multiple reclining positions and an adjustable headrest for a seat customized for your amazing bod.

The durable textaline fabric is suspended by a double bungee system that makes it a cinch to get the exact chillaxing position that you want to achieve. The headrest moves to provide lumbar support, and this model is oversized; it’s 5.3″ wider than the typical one. The feel-good chair of the year? It’s right here, thank you very much.

3. Move On Over For The Mu-Vie Speaker

Speak on, my friend, speak on. This Mu-Vie Speaker from Idea International amps up your music to a new level of amazing. 

Just connect the audio cable to your iPod, iPhone or MP3 device to get beats that make even Dr. Dre jealous. Want to watch a movie instead? Sure, just insert your iPod or iPhone on top of the speaker and watch movies right from it. Mu-Vie = Music + Movie. You = Even more swagnificent with this speaker in your crib.

Aside from sky blue, it comes in lime green, pink (no judgement) or white.  Is the color gold more your thing? If so, check out this bling-worthy post about gold decor.

4. You Know Me – No, I Mean You Really Know Me

Imagine a thermostat that remembers what temperature you like and self-programs itself to it. That’s the promise of the Nest T200577 Learning Thermostat. This second-generation model is 20% thinner than the original design.

Its autoschedule feature remembers the temperature you like and programs itself. It also has auto-away; it turns itself off when you’re not in the man cave. Saving you money on your next energy bill, nice!

You can even remote control Nest via your laptop, smartphone or another mobile device, simply by connecting it to your Wi-Fi. Smart technology just got its heat on!

Sail On This Stream, Anytime You Want To

This is one stream we wouldn’t mind dipping into at the end of a busy day or on the weekend. It’s the 32″ Roku TV. It’s the ultimate smart TV. The TCL TV brand combines with Roku’s kick-ass streaming service to give you entertainment unlike anything else on the market right now. Get over 2,000 streaming channels with 250,000 movies and TV shows. Watch live sports, music, documentaries… The list goes on (and on).

Get YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and more. Enjoy fully integrated streaming and you can even hook up your favorite gaming consoles for a night without the wifey. The set’s 60Hz and 720p. Tip: If you sit more than 10ft from your TV and it’s under 50″, then you won’t notice the difference between 720p and 1080p. What you will notice though is the savings to your wallet.

Well, what are you waiting for? You’re a smart guy, right? Embrace smart technology in your man cave as you listen to Led Zeppelin on your Mu-Vie Speaker while lounging on your gravity chair, until the wall clock tells you someone’s at the door. Got to leave the lair? Note how the Nest thermostat automatically turns itself off. 

Want to watch the first Terminator movie again when you return home? Roku TV saves the day. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s assassin character doesn’t have anything on you and your smart gadgets. Schlater. I’ll be back. Okay Arnold, we heard you the first time, and the second, and the third…