Size Really Does Matter, At Least With The Wallet Ninja Pro

Fit an entire toolbox into your back pocket. We’re talking about the Wallet Ninja Pro. It’s one heck of a useful tool and well-deserving of the spotlight here.

The credit card-sized “ninja” combines an impressive 26 tools into 1. Get a total of 4 wrenches, 3 indicators, 13 drill bit guides, and 5 pro tools (nail puller, inch ruler, cm ruler, metric square, and protractor bottle opener).

For a pro in the trades field, you’re going to swear by this thing (rather than swearing obscenities because you forgot your full-sized tools at the shop). The Wallet Ninja Pro is perfect for contractors, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. It’ll also a handy tool around your man cave for those DIY projects we regularly provide you. You’re welcome.

The unique design is second to none, with a flat surface to easily slide it into your wallet and take with you on  the go. And you’ll want to take it with you, believe us.

There’s no need to lug all those heavy, cumbersome tools around with you for quick jobs, estimates, and work on the fly. Just pull out your personal ninja and get to it – talk about efficient! It’s only 1.6 ounces and measures 3.3 x 0.4 x 2.1 inches. With the same sizing as a credit card and 1.5-millimetre thickness, your Wallet Ninja Pro will only take up a slot in your wallet.

In addition to being so useful, the small measuring tool even looks cool. It lives up to its ninja name in slick black. The tools are well-spaced over its credit card-shaped surface to provide for ease of use. And you’ll utilize this multi-tool for a long time as it comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, or dull. You don’t see that consumer protection very often anymore, particularly at this low price point of under $20.

Think about all of the possible uses, from tightening bolts with the hex head wrenches to finding the right size bit with more than a dozen drill bit guides. Plus, when you’re planning a man cave project, your ruler and protractor are indispensable. As for the bottle opener, it sure comes in handy after you complete the manly project.

Oh and the Wallet Ninja Pro is TSA approved so you can take it on a plane. Just in case you need to take a getaway from the ol’ lady soon. That reminds us – we’d better get back to that honey do list!