Shut Your Hole (Well, Kinda Sorta)

If you’ve ever told someone to shut their hole, now that phrase just took on a whole new meaning.

This wall decal advertises as a Hole to Another Universe if you dare try to enter it! “Come on in!” is what it says under the black hole. It means well, we’re sure, but putting yourself headfirst into there really would lead to a wallop-sized bump on the noggin.

The vinyl wall art appeals to anyone who has wanted to warp to another universe or felt warped (ack, maybe a sign to see a shrink). Perhaps the alternate universe won’t be filled with images of people sugar coating shit like it’s yummy as f*cking Lucky Charms (yup, that’s a big chip on my shoulder).

The decal is a cinch to put on the wall of your man cave. It comes with pre-spaced application tape so you’ll get the look just like in the photo. Other than on the wall, you can also put the decal on a window or mirror. It’s easy to remove too (but only a one-use decal).

After you’ve told your buds to head into the hole here – they’re not impressed with how much their head hurts after that, by the way – you’ll be able to offer them consolation with a few stiff ones you serve up using the bottles lining your LED liquor shelf.

Then it’s off to the couch for you all to discuss glory holes to other universes, determinism, and other deep thoughts, including holes of a different kind. Her hole was so tight, and you’re going to tell them about it again. Hell, they’re not getting any so they might as well live through my explosions.

Are you also dead-set on entering a black hole too? It’s the point of no return, but it sure would be cool to travel through the place where time meets space. We’ll have to ask Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory about his thoughts on the subject. After all, he’s not insane; his mother had him tested. He might ask us to Google how to have fun though…