Shave Your Head Easier With This Mini ATV-Shaped Razor

Do you shave your head? Do you like ATVs? Well listen up, baldie, ’cause we’ve got a shaver for you!

Let’s face it, shaving the head with a razor can be awkward. And it’s not fun getting nicked with the blade. That’s where HeadBlade Sport comes in to save your morning routine. It’s a head shaver that is shaped like a mini ATV and designed to roll easily over your head for a close shave.

Headblade Sport is meant to provide guys a way to get a quick shave without all the fuss of a traditional razor and have a little fun while you’re at it. As you wheel the car-shaped razor over your head, make a vroom sound and channel yourself back to the awesome retro days when you were a kid.

Not only is HeadBlade Sport made to be fun but its shape is also ergonomic and very functional. The rubber back wheels are great for rolling across the head smoothly, and they are extra wide for a good grip while going around your ears. The top of the mini ATV has a central finger grip that’s perfect for the middle finger. Yup, the middle finger has another purpose than using it to tell off the guy that just cut you off in his car.

You’ll get rotating triple blade technology, which we all know does more than a single blade. With every one stroke over your head, you’ll get the equivalent of the blades passing over your skin multiple times. That’s efficiency that you need in the bathroom in the morning, especially when you’re running behind or just want more time to relax in your lair.

Want to see how to shave your head with a HeadBlade Sport? Here you go:

The ATV-shaped head razor uses Gilette Atra Plus blade cartridges and comes with a compatible sensor adaptor. This Headblade model measures 5 inches long x 4.1 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide.

Looking to take charge of your look and have fun while you’re at it? Then rev up the HeadBlade Sport and get the ultimate shave!