Warrior Professional Foosball Table

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4/5 on Jul 3, 2015

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18 reviews


  • Innovative, thin inner bearing keeps ball from passing  between the man and the wall
  • Patented foosballs enhances true roll
  • Solid construction
  • Safety rod guards
  • Easy assembly
  • First rate professional quality


Slow, tacky foosballs (not ideal for pros)


The Warrior Foosball Table is easily comparable to other top of the range models such as Dynamo or Tornado. The table comes with professional level features and is solidly built to withstand a good amount of ‘abuse.’ This is certainly a great investment if you are an advanced player looking for a foosball table for your workplace or home gaming room.

Brendan Flaherty, the president of Warrior Table Soccer and Foosball veteran with thirty years of experience designed the Warrior Professional Foosball Table. That alone is enough proof of the level of quality you can expect from this table. The Warrior Foosball Table is a top of the class table built for professional players. The quality is top notch and the game is ultimately challenging and superior to other tables.

The table’s commendable features include:

Advanced quality

Warrior is quite different from the other foosball table manufactures; they have produced just one type of table and they focus their time and energy on just this table. It is hardly surprising that they are able to offer a fast rate table that is even recommended by the International Table Soccer Federation.

Solid construction

The Warrior table is built to withstand the rigors of American foosball, which tends to be more fast-paced and aggressive compared to European or Chinese foosball, which emphasizes finesse more than aggression. The cabinet itself is made from thick MDF material, which offers more durability and stability than wood. The table is not as heavy as others on the market are but this does not in any way compromise its stability.

Easy assembly

Foosball tables are notoriously difficult to assemble. You would typically requires at least three hours and two people to get the job done. But the Warrior Table is impressively easy to put together thanks to the detailed instructional YouTube video put out by the company. The way the table is built also helps to take the fuss out of assembling.

Safety guards

It is easy for the kids to be hit by the rods when they come too close to the table to watch the game. The people at Warrior Table Soccer have mitigated this risk by installing rod guards to keep the kids from being injured when the rods go back and forth during a game.

A few notable downsides:

Although the Warrior Table offers fantastic playability, the ball is a bit slow and frequently sticks in the corner dead zones. Beginners might prefer a slower ball because it is easier to control but this is not a great feature for professional players who are accustomed to a faster ball.

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