Sunpentown SD-61E

Editor rating

4.4/5 on Oct 4, 2015

User's rating

11 reviews


  • Excellent at water removal
  • Full bucket indicator with auto shutoff
  • Quiet
  • Digital display and timer
  • Frost control
  • Auto restart
  • High value


  • No attached hose
  • Difficult implementing continuous drainage
  • Issues performing well in cold room


The Sunpentown SD-61E dehumidifier has great value. It provides a range of optional features, including Frost Control, Auto Restart, and Auto Shutoff. Not only that but it is superb at its job, working effectively to remove moisture from the air and is quiet as it does so. Unfortunately, it does not come with a hose, even though it does have a continuous drainage option, and to switch the tank between manual and continuous drainage options can be a difficult task.


  • Tank size: 13 pts
  • Removes 60 pts/day
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • UL approved
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Auto restart
  • Frost control
  • Digital readout
  • Timer
  • Full bucket indicator with auto shut-off
  • Castors and handles
  • Includes: Filter and owner's manual

Excellent At Water Removal

The Sunpentown unit effectively removes moisture from the air, fixing humidity issues in your man cave, with its range of features. Choose which humidifying level you want, with the two-speed fan, and select your preferred drainage method. The two drainage methods are manual and continuous gravity draining.

Full Bucket Indicator With Auto Shutoff

Humidity control has never been easier. Just look at the electronic control panel to see if it is time to expel the water if the bucket indicator shows it is full. If you missed this notification, don't worry as the unit shuts down automatically when it's full so that you won't have any spillage issues.


Several consumer reviews cite the quietness of the SD-61E model during operation. It is one of the quietest dehumidifiers on the market, making only as much sound as you might hear from a "humming" refrigerator.

Digital Display and Timer

The sleek, digital display makes this a modern-looking unit. The soft-touch electronic panel is easy to read and control. It includes a 24-hour Timer; a Timer is useful if you want to set the unit to run for a certain number of hours to save power.

Frost Control

If frost forms on the coils, the model turns off its compressor. The result is power savings as the dehumidifier won't run without dehumidifying.

Auto Restart

After a power failure, the Auto Restart feature enables the Sunpentown dehumidifier to turn back on at the same settings it had before it turned off in the outage. If the unit is in a space that you do not frequent, this is a handy option to have; it turns back on by itself, without you having to press anything manually!

High Value

Get great value with this dehumidifier, when you take advantage of the low pricing available through our link at the top of this page. At other sites, we will see the price tag is upwards of $250 and, sometimes, even closer to the $300 mark. At just over $200, our link saves you money on a unit that operates efficiently at water removal, is quiet, and offers many extra features. It has castors and handles for ease of mobility too.

No dehumidifier, however, is perfect. Here are the downsides of the SD-61E dehumidifier:

No Attached Hose

While the SD-61E unit offers the option of continuous drainage, it does not come with a hose. For those consumers who are not the savviest when it comes to choosing and hooking up attachments, the absence of a hose can prove strenuous. Plus, it means a separate purchase is necessary.

Difficult Implementing Continuous Drainage

Perhaps if a hose were included, it would prevent this second issue with the Sunpentown SD-61E. The ability to switch between manual and continuous drainage options is meant to be beneficial but, unfortunately, it proves laborious with this model. It requires fiddling around and being patient while toggling between the two drainage methods.

Issues Performing Well in Cold Room

Also, research on the unit's performance shows that it struggles to perform well in a cold room. If you plan to put the dehumidifier into a cool space, then you may have to deal with a less-than-optimal performance level, as compared to when the room's temperature is a bit warmer.