StarPro Greens Travel Bag 4×12 Putting Green

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4/5 on Feb 11, 2015

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  • 4' x 12' putting green is 5 layers thick and super realistic
  • Nylon turf made from 92-oz ProPutt
  • 5 patented starball putting cups that work like a real club green golf hole
  • High quality storage bag with zipped pockets for extra storage and roller blade wheels for easy transportation
  • Perfect indoor turf with strategically placed holes to improve your game


  • Although the turf is non-slip, it might be too thin for your taste especially if you prefer denser greens.
  • Not suitable for outdoors; works best indoors


How cool would it be to bring your putting green with you anywhere you went while having it packed in a classy, easy to carry bag? That’s what the StarPro green travel bag 4x12 putting  green offers—a convenient travel bag that can carry your putting green, cups, balls and putters.

First, let’s check out the putting turf offers:


StarPro 4x12 putting green is perfectly engineered to give it the feel and look of a real club green. The turf is made from ¾’’ high quality nylon filaments that are wrapped and heat down to ½’’.  The result? Green, bent filaments that feel and look like real grass, cut for true speed and country club roll.

Made with quality in mind

The 4x12 StarPro turf is non-directional, made from UV stabilized filaments that make it durable to indoor wear and tear, and the outdoor elements.  The putting green is built in a way that bridges the irregularities allowing you to create appropriate challenging breaks.

Perfect for your game

The StarPro 4x12 putting green features patented StarBall cups for use indoors or on the patio. You do not have to drill holes in your floor or deal with the nuisance of an even platform. The center positioning of the cups ensures that when the ball is hit correctly it stays in the hole or rolls out of the hole when hit badly.  The strategic hole placement provides you with challenging putts; you can also have fun using the entire putting green.  You certain do not have to worry about the green slipping, thanks to its five-layer structure.

Then comes the bag:

You can now travel in style and bring along your putting green whether you are off to a convention, party or vacation. The StarPro 4x12 putting green kit features a stylish travel bag that allows you to easily, safely and conveniently store your 4’x12’ putting green.

The black, high quality soft case bag features roller blade wheels at the back to remove the fuss out of transporting your luggage.  The bag also comes with a zipped pocket where you can store your putters, balls and 5 cups. This compact carrier does not need large spaces to store—it can readily snuggle in your track and in a 12’ x 12’ space when standing.

If you are looking for convenience, style and good quality all rolled up in one, the StarPro green travel bag 4x12 putting green is a great choice.