StarPro Greens 9×15 Putting Green

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4.5/5 on Feb 11, 2015

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2 reviews


  • Durable, high quality turf with a non-directional surface
  • ¾’’ twisted double colored turf heated down to ½’’
  • 2mm long lasting rubber base
  • Sub-surface irregularities are bridged for breaks
  • Realistic cups and turf
  • Perfect for office, game rooms, training facilities, backyard or basement
  • Four players and 5 holes for challenging puts


  • Installing this particular turf may not be as straightforward as indicated in the instructions.  If you are not too handy, you may need a professional to install this for you.


The StarPro Greens 9' x 15' putting green is the closest you could get to a real off course club green. Made from high quality, well-trimmed filaments this putting turf feels and looks like some of the best golf courses in the world. The two challenge holes and five regulation holes offer plenty of opportunities for long, exciting putts that both pros and amateurs will find challenging.

Highly realistic

Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor putting turf, you certainly want it to feel and look realistic. The StarPro Greens 9' x 15' putting green offers the ultimate in putting realism. It is made from ¾ inch, two-tone nylon tweeds that are clustered together into four layers of turf. The nylon filaments are heated, professionally sheared down to ½-inch tweeds and glazed with a non-slip rubber coat. The putting turf is built to ensure that the ball rolls at a smooth, unhindered speed just as it would at a country club course.

Perfect for chipping practice

The StarPro Greens 9' x 15' putting green features incredibly realistic cups that look just like club holes. You do not need to drill holes in your floor or yard or hassle with an uneven turf.  Just like a green hole, the cups are designed to ensure that the ball remains in the hole if it is hit correctly or to bounce off if it is hit poorly. The holes are strategically placed in a way that allows you to make use of the entire turf and to practice your long putts.


This putting green is far from the flimsy green carpets you see at family recreational centers. The four layers of high quality turf are resistant to wear and tear, whether you install it indoors or outdoors.


The StarPro Greens 9' x 15' putting green is perfect for four players, allowing you to have fun with your group of buddies or your family. It works well in all kinds of settings including game rooms, training facilities, small backyards and in your basement too. The 9' x 15' putting green also features five holes to make it as realistic as possible so you can undertake long challenging putts.

Installing the turf may not be as straightforward and you may need a professional to install this for you.

Overall, the StarPro Greens 9' x 15' putting green is certainly a good deal especially if you want to create a practice green in smaller spaces.  The material is high quality and realistic, giving you the same feel you would have playing in an actual club green.