Paslode CF325 902200 Cordless Framing Nailer

Editor rating

4.5/5 on Feb 21, 2015

User's rating

24 reviews


  • No hose, compressor or cords
  • Fires clipped head and round drive nails
  • Lightweight and easy on arms
  • Depth adjuster
  • Aggressive motor
  • Drives 3-1/4" nails into tough lumber
  • Drives 2 to 3-1/4" paper tape nails
  • New, patented, no-fuss Orange QUICKLODE Fuel
  • Redesigned nosepiece for any angle nailing
  • Faster functionality for easy firing in hidden places
  • Heavy duty rafter
  • 1 year warranty on wear parts and 5 year limited warranty


  • Fuel cells do not work well in cold weather
  • Fuel cells and must be bought together with nails


The Paslode CF325 902200 Cordless Framing Nailer is perfect for the DIY home remodeler, framer or the professional contractor. This model is fuel-powered and features a powerful nosepiece, strong steel O-rings and a fuel and nail combination that help to drive nails quickly and easily.

Convenience and mobility

CF325 Fuel-Powered Cordless Framing Nailer has no compressor, cords or hoses so you can swiftly move across your workstation. Unlike a pneumatic tool, you no longer have to deal with bulky and annoying attachments that drag you down especially when nailing steep angles and hard to reach corners. You will also save on time and energy because this nailer does not require assembling or disassembling of any part.

Powerful and versatile for different applications

The CF325 is so strong that it easily drives tough nails such as the 3 1/4’’ PowerBoost nails with a coated tip through hard wood. This nail drive can be used in many applications including sub-assembly, sheathing, blocking, decking and all types of trussing. The magazine has a high capacity of 48 nails for one trip, saving you time and energy when working on a large project.

Speedy and durable

An impressive feature of the Paslode CF325 902200 is the nail lockout option that minimizes blank fires. The nailer also comes with an adjustable depth guide to set nails at the desired depth. To boost speed and strength, this model comes with a powerful nosepiece and O-rings made from steel.

Time saver

The CF325 Fuel-Powered Cordless Framing Nailer can drive as many as 4,000 nails in one firing, thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery. Meanwhile, the Orange quicklode Fuel Cell included in the nailer can drive as many as 1,300 in one shot. In total, the machine can fire up to 50,000 nails before cleaning it.

Safe and easy to use

CF325 is lightweight and easy on the arms, thanks to its comfortable non-slip grip that makes you less tired even if you are working on a long, demanding project. Its sturdy rafter hook allows you to safely hang the nailer on a ladder, tool belt or rafter.

Cons: Fuel cell and nail combo

With this new CF325 model, the fuel cells must be purchased with the nails. If you lose the fuel cell, it runs out or it simply stops working, you have to buy more nails. If you had stocked up on nails before, you will be forced to buy new ones that are compatible with the fuel cells in this new model.

Overall, Paslode, which has been in the business of making fastening systems, has set very high industry standards for cordless and pneumatic systems. The CF325 Fuel-Powered Cordless Framing Nailer is one such high quality, aggressive fastening tool that can drive nails through the toughest of lumber quickly and easily.