Kick Foosball Table Legend 55 In

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4.7/5 on Jun 10, 2016

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40 reviews


  • Modern styling
  • Level balanced playing field
  • 1 or 3 goalie options
  • Features for smooth gameplay
  • Easy assembly


  • Potential shipping issues (swiftly addressed by the manufacturer)
  • Requires room space


The Kick 55-inch Legend Foosball Table is great for a foosball player who wants a professional, attractive table that will stay level and strong during even the most boisterous gameplay. While some consumers explain that parts have been damaged during shipping, the majority of online reviewers give this table 5 stars and say it is simple to assemble.


  • 2 foosballs
  • 11 blue and 11 red foosball men
  • 8 chrome-plated player rods
  • Slide scoring on each end
  • Leg levelers
  • Chestnut wood grain with ebony legs
  • Front ball return
  • 1 goalie or 3 goalie design
  • Free, same-day shipping
  • Weight: 143 pounds
  • Dimensions: 55" x 30" x 34"

The Kick company manufactures the Legend Foosball Table. Kick has a great name in the foosball industry, which is no surprise as the founder is a 25-year foosball veteran and dedicated enthusiast of the game, with a team of industrial engineers that specially design their tables for effective gameplay.

The Legend Foosball Table is great for the man cave, with its best features including the following:

Modern Styling

The table looks fantastic in your den or basement with its fine wood grain, curved ebony legs, and chrome-plated rods for the players. It fits with the rest of the furniture in your man cave and isn't tacky looking at all. The sophisticated look is where it's at in home trends.

Level Balanced Playing Field

As with all tables in its collection, Kick addresses the level playing field, which is very important for a quality game. The 55-in Legend Foosball Table has leg levelers to ensure a flat surface, regardless of where you place it in the man cave. Get a fair, accurate game every time!

1 or 3 Goalie Options

This unique feature is one of our faves. During assembly, choose whether you want 1 or 3 goalies for each team. Customize the goalie area according to your preference. Most tables only offer you one or the other, so it's nice to have variety with the Kick table.

Features for Smooth Gameplay

Several built-in features make for a satisfyingly smooth game, including the specially designed foosball men. They are made to easily dribble, which keeps away frustrations of not being able to reach the ball. Plus, the front ball return makes getting back in the game easier than ever. Keep track of scores with the slide scoring mounted on both sides of the table.

Easy Assembly

Even if putting together furniture isn't one of your strengths, you'll get through the assembly process with ease. The Kick Legend Foosball Table comes with directions that are simple to follow.

As no foosball table is perfect, here are the disadvantages of this model:

Potential Shipping Issues

Some consumers have remarked online about receiving the heavy duty box in a dented condition or minus a few parts. However, several of these reviewers have explained that Kick promptly helped them with their issues and offered great customer service.

Requires Room Space

You will have to accommodate this 55-inch long table in your lair. For smaller rooms, unfortunately, it may not fit well. Remember that you need adequate space to move the players. The Kick Legend Foosball Table is regulation size so it's great if you want a more professional game experience.


If you want a durable, gorgeous foosball table then this one will meet your expectations. The 55-in Kick Legend Foosball Table offers professional gameplay with several features that keep the action going smoothly. If you have the room space, this foosball table can take you from a newbie to a pro level, without having to upgrade tables in the process.

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