JOOLA Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

Editor rating

4.7/5 on Apr 5, 2016

User's rating

27 reviews


  • Fast assembly
  • Well-known brand
  • Extra features
  • Mobile
  • Playback mode
  • Budget-friendly


  • Two halves
  • Uneven ball bounce
  • Blue top


With this JOOLA indoor table tennis table, you get what you pay for. It has a good design, is easy to assemble, and you can play solo when you want on it. However, you won't get the extra coating or thickness on the table top that you likely would at a higher price level, which compromises your ball bounce. When you pay about $500 for an indoor table, the value you get with the Tour 1500 is what you would expect.


  • Size: 108in L x 60in W x 30in H
  • Weight: 198lbs
  • 5/8in MDF top
  • Blue top
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Automatic folding legs w/ height leveler
  • Eight 2in lockable wheels
  • Two pieces
  • Net and post set (tournament level) included

Fast Assembly

Within 20 minutes, your table can be ready for game play. The pieces are sturdy and easily fit together, making for a simple assembly process (even if you're putting it together on your own). There are only 16 nuts and bolts to tighten on this table.

Well-Known Brand

The JOOLA brand has supplied equipment for the Olympic games. The company is also the endorsed sponsor of many tournaments, including the 2015 JOOLA North American Teams Open TT Championships in Maryland. If you want a recognized brand, the Tour 1500 may be for you.

Extra Features

This indoor table tennis table packs in a lot of features. The legs automatically fold so putting away the table is a cinch if you're done playing for the day and want extra space in your basement cave. The table also has a leveling feature; you can adjust the height of each leg to accommodate an uneven floor. Included with your purchase is a tournament-level net and post set too.


The eight wheels move smoothly and can even lock, if you want. A rollaway design is great for portability and enables you to easily move it once you've folded it to put into storage. Speaking of which, the table is easily compactable as it is made of two halves and has an auto-folding trundle.

Playback Mode

If you enjoy playing solo, you will like that you can do so on the JOOMLA Tour 1500. The ping pong table easily folds up on one side to enable the playback mode. You'll be improving your skills in no time at all!


The Tour 1500 table packs a lot into it when you consider the $500 price. For it to offer tournament-level anything is a bonus, and it does so with the net and post set. Also, you get an okay ball performance on a full-size table that is easy to store away. If you're solely a recreational player, this table may be just the one for you.

Of course, no indoor ping pong table is perfect. Here are the downsides:

Two Halves

While having two halves makes the playback mode a cinch to do, it can be frustrating during a two-person game. The halves may become disjointed during an intense match, for example, which can distract you and compromise your performance.

Uneven Ball Bounce

The ball bounce won't be as consistent as the Hathaway Victory Professional, unfortunately. At the $500 price point though, you wouldn't really expect the extra coating on the table surface. You will have to deal with spots on the playing surface where the ball does better than in other places.

Blue Top

If you have an affection for green or black playing surfaces, you won't get it with this table. Obviously if you like blue you'll be happy and won't consider this section of the review to be a disadvantage.