Hitachi NR90GR2 3.5-Inch Cordless Framing Nailer Gun

Editor rating

5/5 on Feb 21, 2015

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19 reviews


  • 4-Amp-hour (Ah), 7.2-Volt, NiCd battery
  • Fires up to 4,000 3.5’’ by 0.131’’ round-head nails in a shot
  • Punches 1,000 nails per hour
  • Lightweight of 7.9-pounds
  • Gas powered- no compressor or hoses needed
  • 2-Volt rechargeable battery
  • Indicator lights for battery life
  • Powered by cordless battery and fuel rod
  • Adjustable depth of drive
  • Dry-fire lockout to prevent tool damage
  • Foldable rafter hook
  • Battery charger, hex wrench, safety glasses and case
  • Retractable rafter hook
  • 1-year warranty


  • This gas powered tool is a bit too loud-ear protection needed



The Hitachi NR90GR2 3.5-Inch Gas Powered Plastic Strip Collated Cordless Framing Nailer Gun is an aggressive tool that offers great efficiency for professional or DIY construction jobs.

Flexible and longer battery life

By using a rechargeable battery and fuel rods, the Hitachi NR90GR2 no longer requires an air compressor for accurate nailing in different materials including wood and masonry. This tool is much more flexible to work with than a pneumatic nailer as it does not require hoses or an air compressor.

Aggressive and minimizes downtime

This powerful machine minimizes the time spent on punching out, sub flooring, framing, fencing and other applications. Thanks to its 7.2-Volt, 1.4-Amp-hour rechargeable battery, this nailer can fire as many as 4,000 nails in a single shot. The battery comes with an indicator light that signals the battery life to prevent sudden and inconveniencing downtime.

Two-set loading process

The NR90GRS drives round head nails with measuring up to 3.5’’ by 0.131’’. This models works on a two-step procedure for loading nails—you simply slip the nail strip into the magazine and then lock the nails using the feeder.

Comfortable and safe

Weighing just 7.9 pounds and ergonomically designed, the NR90GRS is comfortable and safe to work with especially for those long projects. The comfortable design not only allows for easy and safe one-handed operations; it also minimizes fatigue. The Elastomer material that wraps the handle helps in minimizing slippage and vibration.

Added convenience

Its well-balanced design and lightweight makes this tool easy to lift and use in tight spaces. A storage case, glasses and hex wrench are included for additional safety. The adjustable rafter hook further adds to the convenience by allowing you to hang the tool from a rafter.

Hitachi is a leader in the power tool industry. The NR90GR2 3.5-Inch Gas Powered Plastic Strip Collated Cordless Framing Nailer Gun is certainly a worthwhile machine to have in your toolbox.