Hitachi C15FB 15 Amp 15-Inch Miter Saw

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4.8/5 on Mar 29, 2015

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25 reviews


  • 4-3/4"" x 7-9/32" depths of cut allows molding to be cut vertically
  • Centralized gear-case beam support for greater cutting accuracy
  • Debris deflection guard to divert debris from workspace
  • Dust collector attachment to reduce airborne debris
  • Easy to change carbon brush for longer life of the saw
  • Easy to read miter index with 11 positive stops
  • Electric brake for safety and to prevent accidental cuts
  • Extension guide to support longer work pieces
  • Powerful 15 Amp motor to easily complete tough jobs


  • The miter saw is heavy
  • Clamps need to be screwed in onto the workstation for added stability



The Hitachi C15FB 15 Amp 15-Inch Miter Saw is a powerful, user-friendly, sturdy machine that is built to last. At 55 pounds and at a height of 29-3/4 inches, the Hitachi C15FB provides just the right amount of sturdiness and vigor for all types of rigorous applications such as woodwork, concrete, metalwork, drilling and cutting.

Powered to Get the Job Done Easily

This miter saw comes with a strong, single-phase motor that rigorously powers the 15-inch blade at an impressive speed of 3,400 RPM. The C15FB works with the same robustness when powered by any regular 115-volt power supply.

The miter saw features a comfortable handle where the trigger switch is conveniently placed so you can switch the miter on and off easily. For enhanced safety, the C15FB features a lock-off switch that that keeps the trigger locked when you are not using the saw. In addition to that, to prevent accidents, an electric break will keep the blade from spinning immediately the trigger is released.

Provides Convenience and Longevity

The carbon brush on this miter is easily accessible so you can conveniently change the brush to keep the saw working efficiently for longer. The C15FB features a dust deflection guard and a dust-collector, which help to blow away debris from the workspace and keep the debris particles from hitting your face as you work.

Comfortable and Stable Support

This saw works well with the Hitachi UU610 Universal Work Station (comes separately), which provides comfortable and steady support as you cut materials of all lengths. Other than this additional workstation, the miter saw itself features extension guides at the base, giving you the support and stability needed when you are working on longer pieces of wood. The centrally placed gear-case beam support is helpful in augmenting accuracy as you cut, while the stopper allows you to continue cutting in the preset lengths.

Easy To Cut At Any Angle

One of the greatest advantages of the Hitachi C15FB 15 Amp 15-Inch Miter Saw is its ability to undertake right or left miter cuts at any angle including at 0, 0, 15, 22.5, 30, 45, and 57 degrees.

The no-fuss miter index allows you to easily identify the correct cutting angle. You can easily change the table’s angle without needing to overturn it, simply by using the conveniently placed side handle. With this miter saw, you can cut through crown molding and trim as the machine stands vertically. As you make the cuts, you do not need to lift the wood from the table to cut at the correct angle.

Hitachi Power Tools also known as Hitachi Koki USA, Ltd, is a well-known and reliable brand that has maintained its tradition of quality over the years and the C15FB Miter Saw is proof of this great quality.

This is a must-have tool for the professional trimmer who relishes his woodwork or metalwork projects.