Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch

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4/5 on Jul 3, 2015

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21 reviews


  • Strong construction
  • Superbly stable
  • Easy levelling
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Stylish look
  • Realistic feel


  • Fairly difficult to assemble
  • Plastic bearings and players won’t last long
  • Screws need to be retightened frequently


For a budget foosball table, the Hathaway Primo Soccer Table holds up pretty well. Intermediate players will find the game positively challenging but beginners will love it too. The plastic feel of some parts such as the players and bearings take way from the table’s quality. However, the solid make and sleek construction, level and wide playing surface make this a worthwhile table for your game room.


  • 5/8’’ solid steel rods, chrome-plated
  • E-Z bearings
  • counter balanced players
  • 1-goalie playing style
  • Solid table design 1’’ thick
  • MDF material and smooth espresso finish
  • Playing surface dimensions: 46’’Lx26 ¾’’W and 3/8’’ thickness

The great features of the Hathaway Primo Soccer Table include:

Strong construction

This table, like most foosball tables is made from MDF. What differentiates the Hathaway from the rest is that that MDF used here is not some flimsy material; rather it is one inch thick—compare this to other tables that have a thickness of just 5/8’’! This solidly built table can withstand hours of play. The spinning rods are made of solid steel, adding to the table’s durability.

Superb Stable

The Hathaway Foosball table weighs 130 pounds making for an incredibly stable table. When a table is tool light, there is a possibility of it flipping over when the game gets too rough. This will not be a concern at all, as this table is built to withstand the most aggressive of games. The table’s stability is also important as it affects the levelness of the playing surface.

Easy leveling

Speaking of leveling… you want a table that will not give you a headache when it comes to leveling it. The Hathaway foosball table comes with levelers on each leg, making it easy to level out the playing surface so everyone has an equal chance of winning. When well adjusted, the table will remain leveled regardless of the levelness of the floor it is placed on. The playing surface is 3/8’’ thick, adding to the table’s stability.

Challenging gameplay

This table features solid steel rods, which are just perfect for intermediate players. Solid steel rods do not spin as fast as the hollow rods used on professional tables; but for intermediate players who only require medium speed, these roads are ideal.

An additional feature is the one-goalie play style. Most American foosball sets come with three goalies on the final line. However, the Hathaway is made in China and comes with just one-goalie on the last line. This is not necessarily a bad feature. On the contrary, it makes the game even more challenging. You need superior skills to work with the single goalie, something that experienced intermediate players will appreciate.

Realistic feel

The problem with some budget foosball tables is that they do not come with grown-up features so what you end up with is a toy table! Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch is an affordable table with a realistic pro-like feel, not a kiddie table. The table comes with counter-balanced players who can tilt on any angle.

Stylish look

For most people, a foosball is more than just gaming equipment; it is a piece of décor. Of course, you can place the table in your basement man cave but the Hathaway Primo is one of those tables that you wouldn’t mind displaying in your living room. The stainless steel trim complements the Espresso finish, resulting into a drop-dead gorgeous foosball table.

Some of the downside of this table are:

Long assembly time

The table takes a bit long to assemble (about 3.5 hours). However, the manufacturer has done a great job of arranging and labeling each of the parts including nuts and screws separately. This takes out the fuss in sorting out the parts.

Plastic parts

Another downside is that the players and the ball bearing are all plastic, so there is the issue of durability with these particular parts. Wooden players and steel ball bearings are preferable.


The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch is arguably the most stylish table coming from this manufacturer. The smooth espresso finish gives it a glossy, stylish look while the MDF material makes this table super sturdy so you do not have to worry about it coming apart no matter how rough the play.

The Hathaway is not just a good-looking table; it also offers superb play for the beginner and intermediate player.

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