Haier DE45EM

Editor rating

3.5/5 on Oct 4, 2015

User's rating

20 reviews


  • Digital display and timer
  • Frost control
  • Auto restart
  • Filter cleaning alert
  • Castors


  • Internal bucket issue
  • Starting/stopping problem
  • Loud sound


When you want an Energy Star Certified dehumidifier that is mobile and includes several user-friendly features, then the Haier DE45EM will likely catch your eye. The medium-capacity unit comes with optional hardware, including Auto Restart, Frost Control, Digital Display, and a Timer, while still keeping it in the reasonable $200 range. However, you may have to contend with an unreliable internal bucket switch, fan limitations, and noticeable sound while it operates.


  • Tank size: 13 pts
  • Removes 45 pts/day
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Auto Restart
  • Frost Control
  • Digital readout
  • Filter Cleaning Alert
  • Timer
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Castors
  • Includes: Filter, 6-foot power cord w/ A/5-15P plug, and owner's manual

Digital Display And Timer

The DE45EM dehumidifier displays its current relative humidity levels, as well as its settings, in a digital format that is easy to read. It has a modern appearance too.

Also, it comes with a timer, so you can pre-program when it turns on or off. If you plan to be away from home until a certain time, you can time it to come on just before your arrival, for example.

Frost Control

When there is frost on its coils, the Haier dehumidifier knows to shut off its compressor. This feature is beneficial as it prevents the model from continuing to operate without dehumidifying, which will save energy and reduce your next power bill.

Auto Restart

If you live in an area that experiences power failures regularly, Auto Restart is a great feature. Following the outage, when power is restored, the dehumidifier automatically turns itself back on at the same settings as before the failure.

Filter Cleaning Alert

Do you like automatic reminders? If so, you will enjoy this feature, which tells you when your filter needs to be changed. A filter comes with the unit.


Do you plan to move the DE45EM model around your man cave or from room to room regularly? If so, you will like the easy-roll castors on this dehumidifier. Just roll it to where you want it for the current day.

There are downsides to the Haier DE45EM, including the following:

Internal Bucket Issue

Several online reviewers cite an issue with the Haier DE45EM's internal bucket. The bucket-full switch lacks reliability. While the unit is designed to shut off when the bucket reservoir reaches its limit, it does not always do so. In some instances, customers have noted the bucket overflows and stains the carpet or other flooring underneath it.

Starting/Stopping Problem

While some dehumidifiers have a continuous fan, this 45-pint model does not. Usually that is a benefit however this model starts and stops continually, without any tolerance for when a certain humidity setting is obtained. Some online reviewers express annoyance with it.

Loud Sound

Several Amazon reviewers cite a sound issue with the Haier unit, namely that it is loud. This complaint applies even when the fan is on low speed. One reviewer noted an additional clicking sound when the dehumidifier is in use.