DeLonghi DD50PE

Editor rating

4.7/5 on Oct 4, 2015

User's rating

80 reviews


  • Digital display & timer
  • Frost control
  • Auto restart
  • Pump system
  • Casters


  • Continuous fan
  • Difficulties in cold rooms
  • No filter cleaning alert
  • Poor value


The medium-capacity DeLonghi DD50PE dehumidifier runs on a pump system, which is great if you want to expel the water yourself at an elevated level. It comes equipped with several extra features, including Frost Control, LCD Display, and Auto Restart, but getting all of this hardware comes with a price tag that may be above your budget. Also, it has issues working well in cold rooms and has a continuous fan.


  • Tank size: 12 pts
  • Removes 12 pts/day
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • 2 fan speeds
  • Auto restart
  • Frost Control
  • Timer
  • Castors and handles
  • Includes: Filter, 16.5ft pump drain hose, 3ft gravity drain hose, and owner's manual

Digital Display And Timer

The DeLonghi DD50PE has LCD electronic controls. The Digital Display gives the dehumidifier a contemporary appearance, as well as making it easy to see the wealth of features in the unit.

On the display, you can control a 24-hour Timer. The beauty of this feature is that you can set it and then forget about it, whether you head off to work or absorb yourself in a gaming session with your buddies in your man cave.

Frost Control

The unit stays safe with its low-temperature operation that goes down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Should frost accumulate on the coils, the unit automatically shuts down so that it won't continue to operate without dehumidifying. A benefit is that no power gets wasted.

Auto Restart

The Auto Restart feature is especially convenient if you plan to store the dehumidifier in a crawl space or another area where it is out of sight and, therefore, out of mind. After power is restored, following a power outage, Auto Restart kicks into gear and resets the unit at the same settings it had beforehand. You won't have to fiddle with it.

Pump System

The built-in pump provides a convenient way to remove water from the unit. Just set up the unit to drain the water into a location above the tank, such as a sink or a window that opens outside. Use either of the included hoses, without having to keep manually emptying the internal bucket. You can, of course, manually empty the bucket though if you prefer that method instead.


Rolling casters and handles on the DD50PE model provides ease of mobility. Simply roll the unit to use it around the home, whether you want it in your man cave or the bedroom.

No dehumidifier is perfect. Here are limitations of the DeLonghi DD50PE pump unit:

Continuous Fan

The dehumidifier has a continuous fan. It will only turn off if you do so manually or if the internal bucket is full. If you see this as a negative point, then you may want to select a dehumidifier without this feature.

Difficulties in Cold Rooms

The DeLonghi unit struggles to perform at its best when placed in a cold room. Thus, it may not be the best choice for a chilly basement.

No Filter Cleaning Alert

Get a handy alert on the Digital Display when the filter needs cleaning. This feature is a great safeguard that keeps your unit working at its best and safely too.

Poor Value

While the DeLonghi DD50PE dehumidifier does come with several extras, it demands that you pay a price point at the higher range of our top five list to get those additional features. If you want a no-frills dehumidifier, then you likely will not think this unit has great value. Indeed, it seems you pay a price for each of the convenient features that come with it.