Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table

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4.2/5 on Jul 3, 2015

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13 reviews


  • Sturdy, superior quality design
  • Stylish construction
  • Wide playing space
  • 1 and 2 man goalie play
  • Fairly good leveling


  • Manual leveling mechanism
  • Poor ball quality
  • Difficult assembly
  • Bearings are not smooth


The Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table Burr Oak is not a professional or premium table. However, this is a perfect table for recreational players.

The table comes with high quality features and is made in the USA; proof of its superior quality. Because it is not a pro level table, some of the features such as the leveling mechanism or counterbalance may be a bit disappointing for a pro player.

The Carrom 525.00 Signature Foosball Table Burr Oak is the ultimate combination of balance, beauty and performance. This fun-packed foosball table is perfect for casual players who are looking to add some bit of excitement to those evenings or weekends.

With two sets of players for counterbalance, sturdy controls and a wide playing space the Carrom 525 will give you the feeling of professional play without the need to splurge thousands of dollars on a professional table.

Some of its great features include:

Sturdy make

This is not a professional foosball table. But, the Carrom 525.00 Signature is not a toy table either. This is a great table for the casual player and the manufacturer was serious about building a strong table that will not break apart any time soon.

The table is built with 1 inch thick Bur Oak, comes with 5/8’’ hollow steel rods that are chrome-plated, and strong hardwood handles so they won’t break even if people stand against or sit on the rods as they always do. This table can withstand competitive (and often, rough) play for the long term.

1 and 2-man goalie

You now have the option of a 1-man goalie or 2-man goalie style. Again, the Carrom 525 is not professional but the features bring it close to pro level; the double goalie style is one such great feature.

The table comes with gold/black players, and red and blue ones. You can decide your play style (one-goalie and two) when you set up the table.

Good leveling

One of the most important features to look out for in a foosball table is the leveling. A good table needs to be perfectly leveled otherwise one player has an unfair advantage.

The Carrom 525 Signature Foosball Table comes with triple chrome-plated leg levers with miterfold vinyl. This feature allows you to easily and accurately level the table. However, this is not the best leveling mechanism. Other tables at a higher price level come with a better, less mechanical leveling system.

Some of the table’s downsides:

Poor placement of bearings
One of the few downsides of this foosball table is the placement of the bearings between the holes and the rods. There is too much space between the holes and the rods and this affects the smoothness of playing the game. You might also need to purchase better quality balls to replace the ones that come with the table as they are too slippery.

Long assembling time
You will need about two hours and at least two people to set up the Carrom 525 Signature Foosball Table. Although assembling the table is not a walk in the park, the CEO of Carrom has put out a YouTube video where he provides easy to follow instructions on how to set up the table.

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