BOSTITCH N89C-1 Coil Framing Nailer

Editor rating

4/5 on Feb 21, 2015

User's rating

23 reviews


  • Patented, adjustable depth guide
  • Pneumatic nailer with adjustable exhaust
  • Magazine stores up to 300 nails
  • Light weight magnesium casing
  • Hardy guards protect against damage
  • 7 year limited warranty


  • Difficult to nail at steep angles
  • Gun is a bit bulky
  • Plastic rafter hook breaks easily


The Bostitch N89C-1 coil framing nailer is an incredibly strong machine built to withstand the tough work of nailing wood and other rugged surfaces.

Aggressive and durable

This nailer features hardy guards that insulate it from the potential of wear and tear that is ever present in job sites. Although this nailer looks aggressive, it conceals a rather lightweight magnesium casing that is practicable and easy to work with.

Easy to work with

The Bostitch N89C-1 features a patented depth guide that is adjustable at the push of a button, allowing the user to easily punch in the nails at the preferred depth. The exhaust is also adjustable to keep cast-off air from hitting your face and interfering with the work process.

Used for many applications

The N89C-1 is ideal for a wide array of fastening jobs including DIY home improvements such as finishing off a basement man cave or for professional construction jobs. With a driving power of 1,050 in./lbs, you can use it for siding, sheathing, framing, fencing, trusses and it can be used  for woodwork or masonry.

Powerful specifications

This model works with 2 to 3 ½-inch 15-degree frame fasteners and functions at 70 to 120 pounds per square inch (psi) with an NPT thread fitting of ¼ inches. The Bostitch N89C-1 comes with a large enough magazine to hold as many as 300 nails.

Cons: Difficult to nail at steep angles

Although the N89C-1 has enough power, users may have a hard time setting the nails at steep angles due to the wide and thick nailing tip that keeps the muzzle from the wood.

This model also comes with two protrusions on the side and these also make it difficult to nail at steep angles. The plastic rafter is not hardy compared to the rest of machine and will tend to break easily.

Overall, the Bostitch N89C-1 coil framing nailer is adequately aggressive, tough and has the power to do the tough job of setting nails in different surfaces including stone and wood.